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    An Ethics Lesson

    Despite all the other issues in this narrative, one of the biggest things holding the story being told here back is the constant and unrestrained ethical debates held in the book. They feel unnatural, forced, preachy, and overly frequent. And, while the last few issues have had signs of this, Uncanny Avengers 9 really hits this out of the park, in a bad way. The events hardly seem to matter anymore, as long as there are a few characters in a room to cause drama. Between Rogue and Scarlet Witch's feud, which is again emphasized in one of the worst examples of this, and a full out verbal dissection of another one of the characters that's been heard a million times before in various other series, it became incredibly tiresome, helping to impede a lot of what made this book series worth reading. There's some minimal amounts of plot that are touched on, but they're hardly even explained. There's a character reveal at the start of the book, but it's not really explained, and I don't even know who this person is supposed to be. The only character who makes any real sense or contribution to this story is Thor, which is even stated outright by one of the other characters, and, if I wanted to see that by itself, I would go reread the current run of Thor God of Thunder rather than dealing with this mess.

    While the end reveal is pretty cool and drudges up some old memories, the overall impact of this book has been greatly diminished by just how damn preachy it's become. It's a rather disappointing turn of events

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