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Starting to Make me.

Let me explain that I started on Uncanny, left for a while and came back with the previous issue since it had Marvel`s lovely new #1 banner across it telling me hey, jump on. With much confusion I made it through and thanks to a buddy figured it out, for the most part and with this issue it finally makes a little more sense and I think it might be good.

With his issues of Cap I am sort of leery of Remender these days but wanted another Cap book and since Avengers comes out more than once a month and I'm on a budget, Uncanny it is. I do have to say that with Uncanny Remender is making me eat my words. It isn't amazing but it is good, good enough to keep reading. This strange alternate timeline is starting to reveal exactly what it is and our heroes are fighting mutants with the aid of Kang and a merry band of alternate heroes. It's cool to see characters from other realities brought in and what they bring to the "cause." Again, the story is a bit confusing being a whole different reality trying to explain itself in 2 issues but it is a good read with a wicked twist at the end.

As for the illustrations, I like what the Acuna is doing in the book. It's a bit messy of a style but it fits for some reason. I could see his art being better suited to a Wolverine book or one of the darker heroes but again, it does sort of fit with whats going on and I enjoyed his work on the issue.

Issue 19 is a bit of a bumpy road but I enjoyed it, even in my mass confusion, but as details surface and I get more understanding I find that I really like it. Definitely check the book out.


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