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"Uncanny" is uncanny!

If you were as bummed as I was at the announcement earlier this year of Andy Diggle leaving Action Comics then it’s time to rejoice because he is back with the new series, Uncanny, and it’s classic Diggle and does not disappoint.

In Uncanny #1 we meet Mr. Weaver and from the first few panels it’s clear he’s not the most ethical of characters. Involved in a poker game and about to pull the trigger on a hustle, Mr. Weaver is a guy who looks out for number one. However, he ends up being the one on the wrong side of a bluff and gets buried into a corner. The trick is Weaver has the uncanny ability to steal another person’s skills. Also their memories, abilities and expertise but only for a limited time. During this game he thought he gathered his opponent’s insight but instead wound up in his current predicament. With no way to pay up he used his gift to escape his collector’s muscle and skip town. Diggle however is not going to simply let that happen and Weaver finds himself entangled in an even higher stakes mystery by the end.

Uncanny is another notch in Andy Diggle’s writing belt. This is a story of a con-man, a thief and a gambler. It’s a crime noir story with a twist of supernatural ability. It’s like Diggle took his Image series, Snapshot, and threw in a touch of Action Comics. DC’s loss is Dynamite’s gain and I for one am thrilled with the results. This is Diggle’s forte and a book any fan of gritty crime and intrigue should get their hands on. Not for nothing but artist Aaron Cambell fits right into Diggle’s story telling style and sits along side the likes of longtime Diggle artist Jock (who actually did the cover of Uncanny) but he’s not a carbon copy. He definitely has his own touch and his ability to draw smooth action with detail is complimented with his stylized camera movements in something as simple as a poker game. It’s all extremely well done.

Be thankful we have Diggle back and have a new series to grab on to because Uncanny is a smart, fun and action packed piece of work. This is a story he can flex his muscle on and stray off the beaten path to tell his story without compromise and with sharp edge and wit. Grab Uncanny at all costs!

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