Unam the Unseen

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    Unam the Unseen was a first generation Spaceknight.

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    Unam the Unseen was given an armor with the power of invisibility, suited for stealth purposes. He was widely considered the weakest Spaceknight because of having no offensive weaponry. Despite this Unam sought to prove his courage. He helped rescue Rom from Wraithworld early in the conflict. However able only to use hit and run tactics in battle, Unam was stigmatized as a coward. When the Wraithworld was destroyed, the Wraiths lost their powers. Unam used his invisibility to terrify the Wraiths of an otherwise uninhabited planet. They soon offered their services to their "Hidden God" in exchange for their continued survival.

    Eventually Rom and other Spaceknights arrived on the planet and banished the Wraiths, accusing Unam of treachery. Unam pointed that he could not banished the Wraiths himself because he did not have weaponry allowing him to do so. Rom allowed him to join their group in their search for Galador. The group next encountered Raak the Breaker who had actually gone rogue. Raak was about to kill Rom when Unam willingly entered his line of fire, dying but saving the life of his ally. The Spaceknight constantly accused of cowardice died a hero.

    Unam was in love with Trapper/Vola but she loved Pulsar instead.


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