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    Punk band founded by the Earl of Lemongrab.

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    Unacceptable first appear in the comic book series Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens, in a stand alone story starring Lemongrab. In the story, after a particularly unacceptable day, Lemongrab becomes completely enraged. After Finn and Jake suggest that he needs an outlet to channel his frustration, he heads for a local rock bar and takes to the stage - and the band Unacceptable are born!

    Ironically given the band's name, Unacceptable have a passionate fanbase in the comic and receive positive reviews, as demonstrated in the newspaper headline: "Unacceptable are Acceptable!".


    The band on stage
    The band on stage
    • Lemongrab - The Earl of Lemongrab is the singer of the group.
    • Ash - Better known as Marceline's ex boyfriend, Ash plays guitar.
    • Tiffany - The bassist in Unacceptable.
    • Muscle Princess - The royal drummer of the band.


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