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    Una was a Kree medic and the tragic first love of Captain Marvel.

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    Una was a lovely medic for the Kree Imperial army. She and Mar-Vell were in love and this greatly angered Colonel Yon-Rogg who had desires for Una and was deeply jealous of the heroic Mar-Vell.


    Una was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Gene Colan in "The Coming of Captain Marvel" in 1967.

    Major Story Arc

    With Captain Marvel

    During Captain Marvel's first mission on Earth, Una tries to help the hero against the sabotaging efforts of Yon-Rogg. She creates a potion to allow him to breathe in Earth's atmosphere, and tries to stop Yon-Rogg from blasting him with a laser, but is punished as a result. After she helps cover for Mar-Vell when he stops the release of a deadly virus on a human city, Yon-Rogg sees Carol Danvers snooping around trying to investigate the landing of their space ship and tries to kill her with a cosmic energy blast. Mar-Vell saves Carol and she hugs him for protecting her. Later, Una watches from the ship as Carol kisses Mar-Vell for helping in her pursuit of information regarding Walter Lawson. Yon-Rogg takes advantage of this to attempt to drive Mar-Vell and Una apart. Eventually Una has enough of Mar-Vell and Danvers' affair after he saves her once again (this time from Cyberex) and gives him the cold shoulder when he returns to the Kree starship Helion. However when Mar-Vell is found guilty of treason by Ronan the Accuser, Una still attempts to warn him before the Kree firing squad reaches him. Her attempts are in vain as she is knocked out by a Kree soldier before she can warn Mar-Vell. Ironically Captain Marvel is saved by the Kree's mortal enemies The Aakon who kill the Kree firing squad in revenge for murdering their Commander. A battle follows between The Aakon, Captain Marvel and other Kree soldiers and Una is shot in the crossfire. Mar-Vell takes the wounded medic away in a rocket he stole from The Cape but the tragic Una eventually dies from her injuries on board the vessel. After her death, Mar-Vell buries her body on an uncharted asteroid and builds her a shrine with his Uni-Beam.


    Una was killed by the Aakon in Captain Marvel #11 (April 1969). Her body was later used by Necromancers to attack Mar-Vell, and later by the Starleech for the same purpose. He defeats the poor, possessed body of Una each time.


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    In 10 out of the first 12 issues Una appears in (Marvel Super-Heroes #12-13 and Captain Marvel #1-10) she is seen crying. In her 13th issues (Captain Marvel #11), it is Captain Marvel who is seen crying as he mourns Una's death.


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