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Una is a member of the Kree and is the daughter of the warrior Yon-Rogg. Una is a very unique Kree, as all female Kree are born with the ability to use their minds to make any man fell in love with them. Along with that ability Una was one of the very few women who could also drain the life out of somebody by kissing them. The male Kree leaders saw these traits as threats and centuries earlier instituted laws that required all female children to be genetically altered so that they can't do these things. The procedure is extremly painful and also destroys the pleasure center of the mind.To spare his daughter the pain Yon altered her records to make it appear that she already underwent the procedure. While growing up on the homeworld she began dating Ronan before he was promoted to Accuser, it was during this time that her life draining kiss manifested itself and nearly killed Ronan.

After her father was killed by Mar-Vell, Una and her brother Zey sought vengance against him. But Mar-Vell died and it wasn't until years later on earth that they encountered his son Genis who had replaced him as the new Captain Marvel that they were able to try and get revenge. When she first arrives on earth with her brother, he goes off to get something to eat and a man starts to hit on Una and she drains his life killing him. Zey sees Genis and attacks him, Genis knocks him back and goes after him but he sees Una and starts making out with her, this nearly killed Genis but he was saved by Marlo. Una was cut by Marlo with a piece of glass and she started to freak out. She explained that because she never underwent the Kree procedures as a child, if her blood is spilled then the blood hounds will sense her and take her back to the Kree home world to undergo the procedure. She pleads with both her brother and Genis to help protect her, Genis agrees but Zey just uses the time to attack a distracted Genis and tells his sister that he won't help her. The bloodhounds show up and take her away. After Zey is defeated, Marlo and Moondragon ask Genis to rescue her but he refuses because she tried to kill himand he doesn't consider it his problem.

Eventually he saves her when they are placed in the same cell on the Kree homeworld. She tells him that the procedure is only half done, they took away her death kiss but everything else is still there. He destroys their cell and they go to talk to the Supreme Intelligence. Una is sent on a mission with Genis into the Negative Zone to recover a special type of radiation from a star. Right before Genis is able to retrieve the radiation they are attacked by Blastaar and his son Burstaar, it is Una's manipulation that turns Burstaar against his father giving her and Genis time to escape. When they return Ronan tells her that she is spared from the procedure because she is already genetically inferior to the rest of the new Kree, but she is to spend the rest of her life in exile. She hasn't been seen since then.


Enhanced Strength due to the higher gravity levels on Kree planets.
Death Kiss (Removed)
Mental Manipulation

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