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    Un-Thing appeared in early Aquaman comics. He was a member of the Terrible Trio.

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    Un-Thing was created by Nick Cardy and Bob Haney.

    Major Story Arcs


    Un-Thing was working with Karla and Fisherman as a member of the Terrible Trio. The team launch a satellite that creates a hole in the ocean that extends down to the seabed. Aquaman deactivates the satellite but the Terrible Trio attack, Un-Thing, who is invisible in water, grabs Mera and stops her getting involved in the fight. He drags Mera and Aquababy away to the Trio's underwater base. Aquaman and Aqualad pursue but are attacked by Un-Thing, who they can't see so can't fight. The Invisible Un-Thing defeats Aquaman because of this advantage and the Trio flee with their hostages and the satellite. They reactivate the satellite but are confronted once again by Aquaman. This time he summons octopi to squirt ink so that he can see where the Un-Thing was. While they fought, Aquaman and Un-Thing ended up in the hole created by the satellite. Un-Thing was no longer invisible, he was only invisible when submersed in water. Now able to see his foe, Aquaman easily defeats Un-Thing. Later, once the satellite was destroyed, Aquaman handed the trio over to the authorities.


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