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    Perfect Just Got Better

    Hey, remember when I reviewed the first volume of this series? Well against all odds, this volume is EVEN BETTER. You do need to read the first for it to make sense though.

    Since I already gave a defense of the rock-star writer actually being able to write, I'll jump straight into the review

    Séance, What Did You Do?

    Can sum up about half of this book. What a great character, wow. But if you don't like Séance (*gasp*) that actually doesn't matter. A LOT goes on here. Again, don't want to spoil anything, but we get some quirky views on God, Girl Scouts, Theme-Park Mascots, and Vietnam. Oh, and it's actually a fresh take on Vietnam. I've read a LOT of junk about the Vietnam War, how horrible it was, blah blah blah (not saying it wasn't but WOW is the literature tedious), and generally I would scream if Vietnam is mentioned by ANYONE who didn't actually fight there. But in this? It works. Not only does it work, it's entertaining and...uh...about as realistic as it can be under the circumstances.

    Many of the loose threads from the last volume are tied up, and more are laid down for the upcoming Hotel Oblivion!

    The Cutest Puppy...EVER

    Gabriel Bá really hits his stride in this volume. Each panel is more detailed, and the lines are more distinct. There are easter eggs all over the place, I'm still picking them up. There's some wonderful use of grayscale and color in addiction to the more standard stuff.

    Also, the comic world's cutest puppy shows up in here.


    This is the best series available right now.

    Go get it. Why are you still reading this? GO BUY THE BOOK. NOW.


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