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    Walter Charles is recruited into the Pantheon and becomes heir to the first Ulysses after he is killed during a mission.

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    Before becoming Ulysses, Walter Charles was a small time gang member going nowhere in life. As a child he was raped by a bully and it left him traumatized for life, he spent most of his life in various foster homes. He was recruited into the Pantheon by Achilles and the original Ulysses. For a few years he just trained and did the bare minimum, Ulysses disliked him for his apparent laziness and lack of motivation so Achilles takes over as his mentor. On a mission to Los Angeles to recruit the boy who would grow up to become Paris, Ulysses was killed by an unknown gunman. Upon his return to the Mount, Achilles lies to Agamemnon and says that Ulysses wanted Walter to take up his sword and replace him.


    Ulysses was created by Peter David and Dale Keown and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk issue 379 (1991).

    Major Story Arcs


    After the Hulk joins the Pantheon, it is Ulysses and Hector who are usually paired up with him for missions. They all travel to Las Vegas along with Paris to look into the murder of Hulk's old boss Michael Berengetti, when they get there they team up with the Punisher to take down his killer. During the Troyjan War arc, Ulysses is one of the Pantheon members taken prisoner by Trauma and later freed by Achilles. Around this time Hector gets fed up with Ulysses always busting his chops and making jokes about being gay and starts to be more hostile towards him. While searching for the wandering Agamemnon, Jason the Renegade tries to kill Hector but Ulysses takes the bullet and barely survives. When Hector asks why he risked his life to save him he replies that he is like a brother to him and his jokes aren't meant to be taken seriously.

    Trial of Agamemnon

    During Agamemnon's trial it is revealed by Jason that Achilles was the man who shot the original Ulysses under orders from Agamemnon. Ulysses is shocked to hear that one of his best friends is a cold-blooded killer and he kills Achilles when he and Agamemnon begin to destroy the Mount. After the Mount is destroyed, Ulysses leaves the Pantheon to try and find the missing Delphi.


    Ulysses is the jokester of the Pantheon and frequently quotes movies in attempts to be funny. Achilles pointed out that he is afraid of challenges and responsibility and he will avoid them at a all costs because he is afraid of not being good enough: he flirts with Delphi because she has sworn to keep her body pure, he has never volunteered to lead a mission, and he is always content to just follow orders. He always cracks jokes about Hector's sexuality that are sometimes in bad taste.

    Powers Abilities

    • Superhumanly Dense Tissue: Ulysses' skin, soft tissue, and skeletal structure is more dense than normal and provides him with;
    • Superhuman Durability: Ulysses' superhumanly dense tissue gives him increased protection from physical damage.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Ulysses' superhumanly dense tissue allows him to heal faster than an ordinary human.
    • Retarded Aging: Ulysses' superhumanly dense tissue retards the effects of aging.


    • Armour: Ulysses wears an armored suit that contains bucklers on his arms that are capable of generating a plasma shield.
    • Plasma Blade: Ulysses carries a hilt that can generate a plasma blade capable of slicing through iron several feet thick.
    • Plasma Shield: Ulysses can create a shield out of pure thought and it is one of the strongest pieces of equipment he has.

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