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    The Last Son of Earth, much like Superman, Ulysses was sent off planet by his parents many years ago, who thought Earth would soon be destroyed. Twenty-five years later, Ulysses returned to Earth, both surprised it still existed and wielding superpowers, similar to Superman's. Revealed he was actually adopted by Klerik in the 4th dimension and attempted to sacrifice 6 million of Earth's population in order to sustain that world. Upon failure and destruction of his homeworld, he turned on Superman.

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    Ulysses, real name Neil Quinn, was the son of two scientists named Bridget and Peter. Both worked at the Ulysses research center. While they were in their lab there was a leak of strange matter from dimension two and the lab was locked down and readied for self-destruction. In an attempt to save their infant son, both parents agreed to send him to the unknown dimension four, where intelligent life similar to humans existed, and they had theories that their son would gain powers from the dimension's energies.

    25 years later he returned to find out that the planet he thought destroyed, is alive.


    Ulysses returned to Earth hunting his enemy Klerik. Klerik was threatening him that he was going to destroy Earth, something that Ulysses didn't care about since he thought Earth was destroyed to begin with.

    When Klerik invaded Earth Superman opposed him and the two had a battle in the middle of Metropolis. Ulysses appeared in the middle of the battle and assisted Superman in defeating Klerik. The two had a brief conversation and Ulysses was shocked to find out Earth was alive and he wasn't alone.

    Ulysses found Clark at the Daily Planet as Clark was investigating the Ulysses research lab accident. The two of them left and went to Clark's apartment where Clark revealed that he wouldn't reveal his secret identity to him if he couldn't sense him. Ulysses and Clark had a conversation about secret identities and their use before Clark leaves. Ulysses doesn't follow Clark's orders to stay in the apartment and after he puts on some civilian clothes he goes to give a closer look to Metropolis. He then defends the city from an army of robots. Superman arrives assisting him and takes him away revealing to him what he learned from his investigation. They arrive at a suburban house where Ulysses's parents live and then they re-unite and hug.

    Lost Faith.

    Ulysses and Superman hunted a villain known as The Machinist. The Machinist showed Neil, the potential for evil humanity had. Having lost his faith in humanity, Ulysses broadcasted to the whole world that he will return to the great world, believing that earth doesn't have the potential for greatness. He said he will get only 6 million people from all over the globe to the great world for a new beginning.

    Later Ulysses went to his parents' house to warn them not to go with him to the great world. Superman was standing in the shadows, after hearing what Ulysses said he wanted answers, he confronted Ulysses, Ulysses attacked Superman rendering him unconsious and taking him to the ships. Unknown to Ulysses his parents entered the great worlds vessels.

    After Superman regained his consiousness, he and Ulysses entered a conversation were Ulysses finally reveals why the great world needs the humans. They will use the humans as fuel to power the great world, like they have done before with other creatures. Superman points to Ulysses his parents are in the ship. Ulysses out love for them, breaks Superman's bonds and helps him save the humans. As a result of the battle the great world's core becomes unstable and explodes.

    Superman manages to save Ulysses but Ulysses blames him and attacks Superman once more.


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