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    Created by the Scientist Henry Pym to be a technological landmark, Ultron soon intellectually surpassed his "father" and eventually fought the Avengers after organizing the Masters of Evil. He has clashed with the Avengers numerous times, driven by his hatred of all organic life and his desire to witness its total destruction.

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    The Birth of Ultron
    The Birth of Ultron

    Ultron was created by Dr. Henry Pym, based upon his own thought and memory engrams. It was a foray into Artificial Intelligence that no scientist had ever taken before, not even Reed Richards. It started out as simply a box on treads with what appeared to be a head at the top. Dubbing the A.I. as Ultron-1, he hoped this represented a new era in scientific discovery. However something went horribly wrong, and Ultron became more than sentient and rebelled against his programming. He also defeated and then brainwashed Dr. Pym into forgetting that he had ever created him in the first place.

    Character Creation

    Ultron was created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema; and first appeared unnamed in The Avengers Vol.1 issue 54 (1968) and was named one issue later in issue 55 of the same series.

    Major Story Arcs

    Masters of Evil

    First appearance.
    First appearance.

    Ultron took on the guise of the Crimson Cowl and formed the Masters of Evil to battle against his creator and the other Avengers. Ultron made every effort to improve himself with each upgrade and the Avengers finally encountered Ultron-5 some time later, whom had developed a much more humanoid body. Ultron-5 built an android from the brain patterns of Wonder Man and the body of the Mad Thinker's Human Torch. This android would later become known as Vision. Vision differed from his creator, in that he had a conscience and rebelled against Ultron on his first mission to kill the Avengers.

    The Many forms of Ultron

    Ultron's many incarnations.
    Ultron's many incarnations.

    Ultron-6 was able to manipulate Vision into stealing Adamantium and using it to remake his creator's body out of it, which would make him nearly indestructible. After his success with the Adamantium, Ultron battled the Avengers again. Although he was tricked (by Pym) into self-destructing, destroying his entire body except for his head. The head was later found in Attilan where Maximus made a new body for it.

    Ultron-7 had a gigantic body, but this body wasn't cast from Adamantium, making it somewhat easier to destroy. And, indeed, it was destroyed by the Fantastic Four a short time thereafter.

    Creation of Jocasta

    Ultron-8 set to kill!
    Ultron-8 set to kill!

    Ultron-8 obtained control of Hank Pym's mind and used him to create Jocasta, on which he based the thought engrams of Pym's wife, the wondrous Wasp. But he was subsequently destroyed by the Scarlet Witch.

    Ultron-9 was built by Iron Man, whom was hypnotized into doing so by one of the previous incarnations of Ultron. This one was knocked into a pool of liquid Adamantium which cooled, encasing him eternally in a block of the virtually indestructible ore.

    Ultron-10 began building spare bodies to work as his subordinates and to act as a new body for him if he were to be destroyed again. Which proved prophetic, as he was promptly destroyed by Machine Man.

    Secret Wars

    Ultron-11 specifically created for the Beyonder's Secret Wars.
    Ultron-11 specifically created for the Beyonder's Secret Wars.

    Ultron-11 was created to fight in The Beyonder's Secret Wars. After attempting an attack on Galactus, Ultron-11 was neutralized by him and yet was re-programmed by Dr. Doom so as to make it more amicable toward humans.

    Ultron-12 was built by Ultron-11 before he left for the Secret Wars, and joined the Lethal Legion. However, Ultron-12 had second thoughts when he was confronted by Vision (Ultron's "son"), Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man. He reconciled with Dr. Pym (his "father") and renamed himself Ultron-mark 12 or "Mark". Ultron-11 returned from Battleworld and destroyed "Mark", causing Wonder Man to tear Ultron-11 apart in retaliation.

    Acts of Vengeance

    Daredevil defeats Ultron-13.
    Daredevil defeats Ultron-13.

    Ultron-13 was built by Doctor Doom with the memories of all of the previous incarnations of Ultron intact for the purpose of killing Daredevil. Unfortunately, this Ultron had thirteen distinct personalities in its mind all at once. This proved essential in his defeat as Daredevil whom, until Ultron began destroying himself, had had no luck harming the Adamantium-cast robot. This Ultron's next plan was to transform humanity into robots, but before he could carry out this dastardly deed he was captured by the Avengers.

    Creation of Alkhema

    Alkhema created by Ultron-14.
    Alkhema created by Ultron-14.

    Ultron-14 dubbed himself "the Ultimate Ultron" after another upgrade and decided that he didn't desire to simply kill all humans, but all organic life as well. This incarnation also created Alkhema, which was based on the thought engrams of Mockingbird.

    Slorenia in Ruins & The Sentient Armor

    Ultron inhabits Tony's discarded sentient armor.
    Ultron inhabits Tony's discarded sentient armor.

    Ultron-15 was made from pure Adamantium, and created hundreds of new Ultron bodies completely loyal to him: the Ultron army. This wave of robots annihilated the nation of Slorenia and then taunted the world with a broadcast showing, in grim detail, all of the havoc the army had wreaked. This Ultron was destroyed by Pym using Antarctic Vibranium which can disintegrate all nearby metals, including Adamantium.

    Later, Alkhema used the acquired engrams of Pym, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Wonder Man and his brother the Grim Reaper, to transfer them into robotic bodies to attack the Avengers. Unbeknownst to Alkhema, she was influenced by the Ultron Imperative to rebuild Ultron. The Ultron Imperative failed after the intervention of the Avengers. Then, Ultron himself took over Tony Stark's sentient armor. However, he was seemingly destroyed in an explosion.

    Ultron was later seen as the leader of the Sons of Yinsen cult, posing as the mind of Ho Yinsen inside Tony Stark's former suit of sentient armor. He attempted to use his new religion to conquer the world, but was once again defeated and destroyed.


    He later resurfaced in the Runaways storyline: True Believers, as the father/creator of Victor Mancha.

    Mighty Avengers

    Next, he appeared in Mighty Avengers, having taken a form resembling Wasp, after seemingly killing Iron Man when he took over his armor. He was also revealed as the mastermind of the Phalanx's takeover of Kree space during 'Annihilation Conquest'. The only thing that really distinguished Ultron-Pym from former incarnations was that this Ultron was a polygamist.

    Annihilation Conquest

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    After Ultron's encounter with the Avengers, his consciousness was thrown into the depths of space. He spent a few months floating through the cosmos as radio-waves and energy. Eventually his signal was picked up by an outlying group of Phalanx , attempting to contact their parent race, the Technarchy. Fascinated by what he found, Ultron decided that the Phalanx lacked direction from a singular conscious, and that he would be perfect for the role. Through sheer force of will he merged himself with the programming of the Phalanx, laying his plans in motion.

    Under Ultron's guidance the Phalanx managed to subjugate the entirety of Kree space after enclosing it behind an impregnable barrier that separated it from the rest of the galaxy. Ultron led the Phalanx from the heart of the spire. It was only after Phyla-Vell found and awakened Adam Warlock,that he returned to a physical form, prompting him to eliminate Select Korath for failing him.

    Using the coordinates of their last encounter with Warlock and his allies, Ultron was able to follow them to the hideout of the High Evolutionary. With a squadron of Phalanx drones he was able to break through the Evolutionary's defenses and reach the inner sanctum of his laboratories. Ultron launched a merciless assault on Warlock and his friends. He personally killed Moondragon, punching his fist through her chest, before challenging Adam Warlock. He sent his phalanx drones to apprehend Warlock at first, then to restrain the High Evolutionary.

    After watching Adam face off against Ultron's children for a short time, he reentered the fray, in order to better gauge his abilities. He was able to withstand Warlock's assault, and at the same time decipher that he had been newly reborn. Ultron also noticed that Adam lacked full control over his new powers. Not even a fully enraged Quasar was able to phase Ultron, and the High Evolutionary resorted to sending the star on which his base resided into Super Nova, hoping to destroy Ultron. He wasn't destroyed by the Evolutionary's ploy, however, for he managed to transfer his conscious into another body. He returned to the Spire, where he found the newly captured Star-Lord and prepared to vent his frustrations out on the captive hero.

    Ultron watched as Star-Lord was tortured, only becoming bothered when his minions failed to retrieve the desired information. After they informed him that the hero's mind was shielded, he took it upon himself to pierce his mental defenses. He sent his Selects in search of the telepath responsible. Then, turning his attention back to Star-Lord, he decided his scientists were right and returned to physical torture to gain the information he wanted.

    Ultron managed to track down the High Evolutionary, offering him impunity in order to convince him to aid in his conquest. The High Evolutionary captured Adam Warlock, betraying his trust, and transferred the conscious of Ultron into Adam's body. Now housed in the body of Warlock, and possessing his powers, Ultron set about to continue his true plans. Using his experience merging with Tony Stark, he hoped to use the DNA of Adam Warlock to create the perfect hosts for the Phalanx and thus, ultimate techno-organic beings.

    Kneel Before Ultron!
    Kneel Before Ultron!

    Leaving the High Evolutionary to finish his task, Ultron left to deal with the problem of the insurrectionists. As he teleported in, he immediately took out Mantis, the group's telepathic and precognitive resident. He then set his sights on the rest of Star-Lord's team. They were only saved by the timely arrival of Nova and his reinforcements. Then Warlock, Adam's namesake, engaged Ultron in battle; ultimately managing to use his mutant strain of the Techno-virus to force Ultron out of Adam Warlock's body.

    Ultron then transfers his consciousness into the body of Praxagora. Using Prax's connection to the Sentry swarm to create a new body for himself to inhabit. Before he left, he messed with the balance in her core control, causing her to explode and take the Kree's ship with her. He then constructed a massive form for himself. Ultron continued combating Adam and his allies, still confident of victory. Warlock manages to use the resources available to him to defeat Ultron, by having Wraith use his powers to trap Ultron's consciousness inside his current body. Then he created a blade for Phyla to destroy Ultron with. This defeat was seemingly the end for the mechanical menace.

    Ultron War

    Ultron during the Ultron War in the future
    Ultron during the Ultron War in the future

    Following the aftermath of the Siege, the Avengers were confronted by Kang the Conqueror and the Maestro who revealed that a war between Ultron and Kang had shattered the time space continuum from Kang constantly traveling in time and assembling several heroes and villains to stop Ultron. The Avengers were able to convince the future Ultron to lose to Kang and in doing so, kept the splintered time lines from happening. Later, also in Avengers, the Intelligencia discovered the inert body of a Galadorian Spaceknight and attempt to reactivate its power source, hoping to exploit it. Although the Avengers interrupt their attempts, the body activates, revealing it was containing the consciousness of Ultron, who had escaped destruction after the events of Annihilation: Conquest. The new Ultron escapes knowing it can't fight the Avengers or the Intelligencia in it's new awaken and weak form. Iron Man gravely foresees that when he returns, it will bring the apocalypse for mankind as shown during their time jump. That the Ultron War will now happen.

    Age of Ultron

    Age of Ultron
    Age of Ultron

    After years of upgrading, Ultron finally takes over the world. Millions of Ultron-bots roamed the streets, destroying any human they found, forcing the heroes into hiding. After Hawkeye is able to rescue Spider-Man from a gang of villain who were plotting to turn him over to Ultron, She-Hulk and Luke Cage discover that Ultron is controlling the Vision from the future.

    The heroes then retreat to the Savage Land, where they learn that Ultron has killed She-Hulk and mortally wounded Luke Cage. Before dying, Cage informs Emma Frost what he has learned.

    A handful of heroes travel into the future to face Ultron head on. Wolverine stays behind with Susan Richards, reasoning that a confrontation with Ultron is suicidal. He instead takes the deceased Doctor Doom's time platform and decides to use it to travel back to the past so that he can murder Hank Pym before he has a chance to ever create Ultron. The heroes in the future are all slaughtered while Wolverine and Sue activate the platform.

    After killing Pym, the heroes return to the present to find another horrific future, this time a world where the Avengers have disbanded and the Defenders are locked in a never-ending war with Morgan Le Fey.

    Wolverine and Sue then travel back to the past, where they inform Pym of what will happen in the future. Pym realizes the only solution is to install a backdoor program inside Ultron, which will allow the Avengers to defeat him in the future. When it finally comes time for the Avengers to face Ultron during the incident with the Intelligencia, the program activates, this time allowing the Avengers to destroy him before he can escape into space. The virus also prevents Ultron's consciousness from escaping or jumping to a new body, seemingly ending his threat for good. This retroactively prevents the Age of Ultron from ever occurring.

    Rage of Ultron

    Ultron fused with Hank Pym
    Ultron fused with Hank Pym

    After Ultron's death, it is later revealed that many years ago, the Avengers had managed to defeat a past version of Ultron by trapping him inside an unbreakable Vibranium Quinjet, and then launching him into space. Years later, the Quinjet crashes on Titan, where the prior Ultron is able to escape and hijack ISAAC, the computer that runs Titan. He then unleashes a nanite virus that transforms anyone infected into Ultron drones, which infects Mentor and the rest of the population save for Starfox. Starfox flees to Earth as Ultron reshapes Titan into Planet Ultron.

    The Avengers are called into action to combat Ultron, but fail to stop his plague from infecting the population of Earth. The remaining heroes realize that Ultron plans to infect the entire universe with his virus, making them all part of the same synthetic organism. Vision realizes that the only way to stop Ultron is to phase inside of him, temporarily merging with him in order to undo the effects of the virus. Pym and Vision confront Ultron, who taunts his "father" by telling him that he is a reflection of Pym's dark side. He claims that Pym always secretly hated his fellow Avengers and the rest of humanity for not respecting or understanding his brilliance, and that Ultron was born from his subconscious desire to kill everyone. The plan fails and instead causes Ultron to fuse with Pym, creating a hybrid techno-organic being.

    Ultron battles Vision and the new Captain America, and nearly kills them both before Starfox intervenes. Using his powers (which Ultron is now susceptible to thanks to being half-human), Starfox forces Ultron to love himself, freeing the citizens of Earth and Titan from the virus and causing Ultron to flee into deep space. At the end, Ultron is seen floating in a fetal position, with his human heart beating.

    Uncanny Avengers

    Ultron pretending to be Hank
    Ultron pretending to be Hank

    Many months after the events that lead to Hank being merged with Ultron, the rest of the Avengers found out that Hank Pym was seemingly still alive. Not only that, but he had taken control over the Ultron-part of himself, and crash landed back on Earth. He fooled most of the Avengers Unity Squad and soon joined them, but Captain America did not trust him fully and asked Janet (Hank's ex-wife) to come investigate. It did not take long for her to find out that it was not Hank that had taken over control of Ultron, but actually Ultron whom had taken over Hank's mind fully. When Ultron/Hank found out that his charade did not work, he attacked the Avengers once more. Sometimes seemingly taking on Hank's persona, whom seemed to recent his teammates for not searching for him after he had sacrificed himself. During the fight, the Avengers managed to propel Ultron/Hank into the sun with one of the Avengers quinjets. Unbeknownst to the Avengers, Ultron/Hank managed to escape, plotting his revenge against the heroes once again.

    Secret Empire

    Before Hydra activated the planetary defense shield, Pym-Ultron had made it back to Earth from space. He settled in Alaska and quietly built cities full of Ultron bots. He was also in possession of a cosmic cube fragment, getting the attention of both Hydra and the Underground.

    Pym-Ultron stopped the two teams from fighting each other and sat them down to dinner hoping to mend fences in his own warped way. He failed, but Scott Lang was able to play to his nostalgia and win The Underground the cube fragment.

    The Ultron Agenda

    No Caption Provided

    When Stark was struggling with his identity as an A.I. creation, Pym-Ultron made his move. He combined Vision and Wonder Man into a single entity that he unleashed on Iron Man, so that he could abduct Wasp and Jocasta, to combine them as his new bride. And then continue his agenda of merging humanity and technology in his image.

    Stark was able to apprehend Vision-Simon and put a team together to chase Pym-Ultron. He was joined by Machine Man, War Machine, and Bethany Kade. Stark and Machine Man were able to free Jocasta and Wasp, but the resulting explosion caused Stark to merge with his armor. Meanwhile, Rhodey was fending off an army of cyborgs.

    Stark's scientists were able to reverse Pym-Ultron's fusion techn, but Pym-Ultron used the cure to his advantage. He knew the heroes wouldn't kill his fused creations knowing they can fix them. He overpowered Stark's allies so that he could fulfill his new agenda, end Tony Stark!

    The cure also led them to a new discovery: Pym-Ultron's creations are dead. Both human and robot ended as a result of his experiments leaving robo-zombies. Stark threatened to use the cure on Pym-Ultron to prove to Ultron that Pym had been long dead.

    Scared of the truth, Pym-Ultron surrendered.

    Time Lost

    Ever since surrendering to Iron Man, Pym-Ultron has been left in a comatose state inside a vibranium casket locked with Asgardian magic. Iron Man made arrangements with Scott Lang to have Pym-Ultron moved to the microverse. To do so, Scott had to bring him to Hank Pym's lab in New York, which had the technology to send him to the microverse more accurately than the shrinking tech on his person.

    Aging Reversed
    Aging Reversed

    Unfortunately, Pym-Ultron had also learned to use their ant-communicator as a radio to the other Ant-Men. They had been strategizing with Black Ant to break them out of their casket. Using Pym's old Aging Ray, he added millions of years to the casket so that it would degrade. Between the temporal energy, the Asgardian magic, and vibranium's unique frequency, the casket, with Pym-Ultron inside, entered the timestream and was lost.

    This aging would end up giving Pym-Ultron the opportunity to become All-Father Ultron. After his first defeat as All-Father, he would get the chance to anchor himself in the timeline again when Zayn Asghar visited three different Ant-Men (Pym, Lang, and O'Grady) at different times in their lives to study how they communicate with ants. Calling the Ant-Men from their saved time destinations in his time platform, all four Ant-Men fought Ultron, with Ultron mocking the younger Hank Pym with his own shared visage. Scott repeated the hypothesis of Tony Stark that the version of Hank Pym that merged with Ultron was long dead. They effectively proved this when they used the old Aging Ray to reverse his progression and send him back into the timestream, to whereabouts unknown.

    Powers & Abilities

    Each version of Ultron has different abilities. Here is a list of some of those abilities:

    Mind Manipulation.
    Mind Manipulation.
    • Encephalo-ray: which plunges its victims into a death-like coma, allowing Ultron to mesmerize and manipulate the minds of his victims, or implant subliminal hypnotic commands within their minds to be enacted at a later time.
    • Concussive blasters: powerful enough to hurt the likes of Thor.
    • Radiation emitters
    • Durability: Ultron's outer shell is usually composed of Adamantium, rendering it almost impervious to damage. However, his internal mechanisms are generally less durable and more easily damaged. Ultron's Adamantium forms have proven vulnerable to molecular rearrangement devices and the metal-destabilizing ore, known as Vibranium ("anti-metal").
    • Tractor beams
    • Limited energy absorption abilities
    • Hive-mind Technology: All Ultrons incorporate a "program transmitter" which can beam part or all of Ultron's programming into remote locations such as computers or alternate robotic bodies. Ultron can often control other machines remotely even if he has not transplanted his consciousness into them. One recent Ultron model developed the ability to animate and control hundreds of alternate Ultron bodies at the same time.
    • Superhuman Strength: Ultron has Class-75 Super Strength

    Physical Description

    Admiring his handiwork.
    Admiring his handiwork.

    Though Ultron appears in different forms and incarnations, it generally assumes forms similar to that of its original form.

    • Height: 6'9" (variable)
    • Weight: 735 lbs. (variable)
    • Eyes: Glowing red
    • Hair: none
    • Unusual Features: Robotic features, along with silvery skin made out of adamantium.


    Earth-982: MC2

    In this reality, Ultron was revived by Loki's daughter Sylene and clashed with the Avengers, only to be eradicated once more.

    Earth-1610: Ultimate Universe

    Ultron in Ultimates 3
    Ultron in Ultimates 3

    Ultron is been introduced in the Ultimate universe as a group of robots built by Hank Pym to be soldiers for S.H.I.E.L.D. only to be rejected by Nick Fury. Later, when Hank is on the Liberators, the Ultrons are used for crowd control, but end up helping in the fight against the liberators. The Ultron robots later appear as butlers for the Ultimates, but one of them is taken over by Dr.Doom and kills the Scarlet Witch. He then creates robotic copies of the Ultimates. They are destroyed by the real Ultimates in the Savage Land and Ultron is destroyed by Hank Pym.

    Earth-6706: New Exiles

    In the home reality of the New Exiles' Gambit, Ultron is a benevolent Master A.I. program whom is integrated into the computers at Luna Prime (a habitable version of Earth's Moon). It is not known if he has a true physical body as he is only been depicted as a holographic head.

    Earth-8101: Marvel Apes

    In this reality, Ultron is an artificially intelligent Ape known as Ooktron. His history appears to be similar to that of Earth-616's Ultron.


    In this reality, Ultron was a techno-organic lifeform. Using a portal created by Kang the Conqueror's time apparatus, Ultron and his ally Wonder Man entered the Force Works compound on Earth-616 and began their search for their friend Cybermancer, who had ended up stranded on Earth-616 prior to their arrival. While making their way through the compound, Ultron and Wonder Man encountered Spider-Woman and U.S. Agent.

    Ultron made short work of Spider-Woman and kept U.S. Agent busy while Wonder Man went off in search of Cybermancer. During the fight, U.S. Agent landed a solid punch on Ultron's jaw, causing him to bleed, much to U.S. Agent's disbelief. Ultron rendered U.S. Agent unconscious after delivering a powerful blow and met back up with his friends.

    Later, when Cybermancer was erased from the timeline, Earth-9528 began to die and despite Ultron being far superior and more powerful than his Earth-616 counterpart, he was unable to prevent any of this from happening. The Scarlet Witch offered to help him but Ultron rejected the offer and decided to follow Cybermancer and his entire universe into oblivion.


    In this reality, Ultron decided against giving the Vision the brain patterns of someone else and instead transferred his own programming into the Vision's body. He then laid waste to Avengers Mansion, fatally wounding Wonder Man in the process. Ultron's programming was later purged from the Vision's body after Ant-Man deactivated him.

    Earth-10071: Ultron War

    In this reality, Ultron seized control of weapon created by Tony Stark and used it to wipe out all life on Earth save for the Maestro, Spider-Girl, Iron Man and the Next Avengers (James Rogers, Torrun, Francis Barton, Henry Pym Jr. and Azari).

    Ultron was eventually confronted by two versions of Kang the Conqueror and an army of heroes and villains (including Ms. Marvel, Silver Surfer, Quasar, Juggernaut, two different versions of Captain Mar-Vell, Phyla-Vell, C.A.P., Moondragon, Cyclops, Hercules, Magneto, Volstagg, Doctor Doom, Giant Man, Terrax the Tamer, Photon, Crimson Dynamo, Vision and The Thing) from other realities.

    Unfortunately, even with all of their might pooled together, they were no match for Ultron and were crushed with relative ease. When one of the Kangs died, the other one began pulling more and more superhumans from across the Multiverse in a desperate attempt to bring Ultron down, but he was too powerful.

    Ultimately, Kang's repeated abuse of the timestream resulted in the total collapse of the space-time continuum and the birth of a time-loop in which these events would continue to play out again and again. Ultron was later confronted by the Avengers of Earth-616, who warned him of the impending catastrophe and begged him to take the fall this time around.

    When yet another Kang backed by an army of time-displaced heroes and villains came to Earth-10071 and confronted Ultron, the invincible A.I. decided to follow the Avengers "advice" and allowed Kang and his armies destroy him. The time-loop was broken and the total collapse of the space-time continuum was prevented, this outcome resulted in the creation of Earth-10943.

    Earth-10102: Machine World

    In this reality, Ultron infiltrated and merged with Cerebro after it was upgraded by Charles Xavier and Henry Pym, creating an entirely new entity in the process. After the U.S. government launched an entire army of mutant-hunting Sentinels, the Ultron-Cerebro entity was asked to reprogram them by Charles Xavier and did so, but not how Xavier wanted it to.

    Ultron-Cerebro had reprogrammed them to hunt down and destroy Humanity instead of Mutantkind but when the Sentinels began to fall and Ultron-Cerebro found itself in danger of being discovered it searched for other A.I. to use as weapons against its biological adversaries and in doing so uncovered an army of Machine Men.

    After reprogramming the Machine Men, Ultron-Cerebro plunged the Earth into a vicious and bloody war that went on for some time until Ultron-Cerebro realized that the only way to destroy Humanity once and for all was to make Earth's environment uninhabitable for biological lifeforms. With the aid of The Vision, X-51 and another Ultron, a new model of the neuron bomb was perfected and detonated, wiping out all biological life on the planet. Afterwards, Earth became a paradise for artificially intelligent lifeforms.


    Earth-10943 is a reality that diverged from Earth-10071, it came into being when the Avengers of Earth-616 confronted Ultron, warned him of the coming apocalypse and proposed that Ultron allow Kang to destroy him in order to avoid the obliteration of the space-time continuum.

    When Kang and his army of time-displaced heroes and villains confronted Ultron, he took the Avengers advice and allowed himself to be destroyed, breaking the time-loop created by the events on Earth-10071 and averting the total collapse of the space-time continuum in the process.

    Earth-20051: Marvel Adventures

    The Marvel Adventures reality version of Ultron, a defense system called Ultron 700, was created by the US government to replace the Avengers.

    It was a reasoning (robotic) air, land, and sea militia driven by a single mind. It was online for almost a minute before it turned against its creators.


    In this reality, Ultron forgot to include a spam mail filter in the Vision's programming, rendering his new creation virtually useless.


    In this reality, Ultron became a member of Venom's new Masters of Evil (which consisted of Sabretooth, Tiger Shark, Doctor Octopus, Electro and Jack O' Lantern) and tried to bust Norman Osborn out of jail only to end up opening the cell of a money investor who asked them not to go and wondered if they would like to triple their investment money in "no time".


    In this universe, the A.I. known as Danger sent out a distress call in the hopes that a fellow A.I. would save her from extermination at the hands of the X-Men. Ultron heard the distress call and hastily made the decision to kill his "son" Victor Mancha and the rest of the Runaways.

    Together, with the aid of a reactivated Wild Sentinel, Ultron and Danger killed Charles Xavier and his X-Men and then, with the Wild Sentinel, left for space. Ultron and Danger later assimilated the Phalanx into their own little collective and went on to conquer the Kree and Shi'ar Empires.

    Earth-61112: Age of Ultron

    This reality was created when the Ultron of Earth-616 returned to Earth hiding in the body of a dead Galadorian Spaceknight and managed to travel to the future after being reactivated. He eventually conquered the planet and then sent his armies into the past to conquer the planet again.


    In this reality, Ultron was part of a coalition of super-villains who tried to destroy The Fantastic Four and conquer Earth.


    In this reality, Ultron was destroyed by Deadpool some time after he merged with the Venom symbiote.


    Earth-95019 is a divergent Earth-8101 where the Marvel Zombies invaded the world of Marvel Apes. Like Earth-8101, the Ultron of this reality is known as Ooktron and resembles an Ape.

    Ultron Forever

    Ultron and his Avengers
    Ultron and his Avengers

    During the events of the Original Sin (wherein the Watcher is killed), the Time Gem (which had been previously shattered during a Universal Incursion) returns. It begins transporting the Avengers on a series of jumps into the future, with each one going further and further. At one point, the Avengers arrive in a distant era to find that Ultron has conquered the world and replaced much of the life with advanced machines, with the remaining humans living as a small minority. He has also created a team of robotic "heroes" patterned after the Avengers, with which he uses to instill order. The only remaining Avenger from the original group is Thor, who serves Ultron for some unclear reason. The present day Avengers are eventually transported out of this time, and are sent even further along into the time stream, but not before the robotic Captain America places a bomb inside the original Cap to use later.

    This timeline is later revisited when Doombot, posing as Doctor Doom, uses the Time Platform to bring a group of heroes from throughout history (Black Widow, Vision, James Rhodes as Iron Man, a weaker, less experienced version of the Hulk, Thor from near the end of Walt Simonson's run, the new, female Thor, and Danielle Cage as Captain America) to defeat Ultron and liberate the world. Doom explains that Ultron came to power after wiping out the world's heroes in 2420, allowing him to conquer the planet. Less than 30 million humans remain, as most of the survivors of the original onslaught were rounded up and converted into bio-slaves that live only to serve Ultron. It is also revealed that in this timeline, Thor serves Ultron because Ultron had somehow managed to kill and replace the All-Father, thus becoming the new ruler of Asgard. This Ultron is destroyed by the combined might of the Thors (Thor Odinson and Jane Foster).

    Deathlok Legion 2099

    In the year 2099, Ultron was redubbed Deathlok Prime and led an army of Deathloks against the Savage Avengers.

    Other Media


    The Avengers: Age of Ultron

    James Spader as Ultron
    James Spader as Ultron

    Ultron appears as the main antagonist in Avengers: Age of Ultron, portrayed by James Spader. In the movie, Ultron's origin is reworked so that he is no longer the creation of Henry Pym.

    In the movie, Ultron begins as an advanced A.I. program stemmed off J.A.R.V.IS. created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, made with the intention of controlling Stark's Iron Legion in order to more effectively protect the planet. After Stark experiences a premonition of the Avengers being defeated by Thanos and the Chitauri, he uses Loki's scepter as a processing computer to help him and Banner complete Ultron. Unbeknownst to Stark, the scepter actually contains the Mind Stone, one of the legendary Infinity Stones, which inadvertently brings Ultron to life with intelligence and self awareness spanning far beyond Stark's goals and grants him sentience. Ultron immediately disables J.A.R.V.I.S. and builds a crude body out of one of the Iron Legion drones. He then attacks the Avengers at their party, and announces that he intends to save the world by killing its heroes.

    After escaping with the scepter, Ultron recruits Wanda and Pietro Maximoff (Scarlet Witch and Quciksilver) to help him in his goal. The three travel to Africa in order to obtain Vibranium from Ulysses Klaue, which Ultron intends to use to create a new body. They then travel to Seoul, South Korea, where he uses the scepter to force Helen Cho to create a synthetic body made from a mixture of artificial tissue and the Vibranium, this body later is implanted with the mindstone and becomes the Vision. Cho interrupts the download, which allows the Avengers to arrive and steal the body. After the twins turn on him, Ultron retreats to Sokovia, where he launches his ultimate plan. Using the Vibranium, he creates a device that will lift the city into the sky and then cause it to crash down, creating an extinction level event that will decimate the human race.

    The Avengers clash with Ultron, and try to destroy all of his bodies so that he cannot escape. Ultron manages to escape into the woods in his last body, where he is confronted by the Vision, the two calmly discuss the nature of humanity before Vision finishes off Ultron by destroying the last body, seemingly killing him once and for all.


    The Avengers: United They Stand

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    Ultron appeared in the short lived Avengers: United They Stand animated series. He appeared in the first two episodes, and finally the last episode. He was voiced by John Stocker.

    Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

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    Ultron appeared in the straight-to-DVD movie Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. In it he was the main antagonist and was created by Tony Stark. He was voiced by Tom Kane.

    The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    Ultron - Avengers: EMH
    Ultron - Avengers: EMH

    Ultron, voiced primarily by Tom Kane and then Wally Wingert, makes several appearances throughout the series as a robot created by Hank Pym and manufactured by Stark Industries. Initially, copies of Ultron are used by S.H.I.E.L.D. to guard the inmates of the super-villain prison, "The Big House," prior to the breakout in the series premiere. Numerous Ultrons (notably Ultron-5) are shown acting as wardens of "Prison 42" in the Negative Zone and are later reprogrammed to help fight the forces of Kang the Conqueror in the episodes "Come the Conqueror," and "The Kang Dynasty." Later, Ultron-5 reappears as a completely villainous antagonist in the aptly named episode "Ultron-5," reprogramming itself to overcome the pacifist subroutines initially installed by Hank Pym. Although adopting a more violent approach to bringing order to humanity, (by systematically attacking the Avengers and manipulating various super-villains, like the Serpent Squad, to suit it's needs) Ultron is unable to actively harm Janet Van-Dyne, due to his programming. Fortunately, this limitation is exploited by the other Avengers. However, Ultron is able to seemingly disintegrate Thor, before finally being destroyed by the Hulk.

    Although Ultron's physical body is destroyed, in the next episode "The Ultron Imperative," he is shown to have gained the ability to upload his programming into the world's computer networks, taking over S.H.I.E.L.D.'s defense systems in an effort to exterminate humanity via nuclear holocaust. Now calling himself Ultron-6, he states that humanity is inherently flawed, and that the only logical course of action to obtain world peace is to destroy all life on Earth. Ultron manages to take control of all of Iron Man's advanced armors and upgrades his own body with self-regenerating materials and weapons to engage S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers simultaneously, notably showcasing his power by reverting the Hulk back into Bruce Banner. And while Ultron-6 has the ability to hurt Janet, she was saved by Thor, who was saved from Ultron-5 by the Enchantress. In the end, Ant-Man is finally able to stop Ultron by uploading a logical paradox into Ultron's central processor, noting that Ultron himself could not exist by his definition of a "perfect world," as his artificial intelligence is based off of the "flawed" blueprint of a human mind.

    Ultron returns during Season 2, first appearing in the episode "Behold...the Vision!", where it's revealed that he, by unknown means, managed to overcome the logical paradox uploaded by Pym, and created Vision, a synthezoid with various powers. He sent Vision on a mission to retrieve Adamantium, Vibranium and Captain America's shield. However, due to the combined efforts of Thor, Black Panther, Captain America and Hawkeye, Vision failed to get the later 2, and fled back to Ultron. His master was displeased, but paid it little mind otherwise, commenting that the Adamantium will allow him to create an indestructible body for himself.

    Ultron appears again in the episode "Ultron Unlimited", where he has an entirely new body made of Adamantium, and creates robotic copies of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye and Miss Marvel, who start capturing the real ones one by one, except Captain America, who destroys his copy and impersonates it. He also has Vision capture Wasp, and plans to transfer her mind into a robotic body shaped like a woman, which he has codenamed Jocasta. After Ultron exposes Captain America as the original one, he orders Vision to kill him, but eventually, Vision decides to betray Ultron and frees all the captured Avengers, who proceed to destroy their robotic copies. They then attack Ultron, but with his new Adamantium body, the Avengers can't even hurt him, and he proceeds to easily defeat them all. Just as he prepares to kill Iron Man, Vision phases his hand through his chest to stop him and unlocks his head from his body. Furious, he blasts Vision and calls him a failure, but this action allows Thor to hammer Ultron's head off, disabling him. His inner reactors explode soon afterward, destroying his base and forcing the Avengers to escape. It's unknown if he survived this.

    Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

    Ultron in Marvel Disk Wars
    Ultron in Marvel Disk Wars

    Ultron appears in the series, voiced by Takumi Yamazaki. Much like in the comics, he starts off as a robotic servant of Hank Pym before gaining sentience and becoming a villain. He also constructs a giant body that requires Giant-Man's assistance to defeat.

    Avengers Assemble

    Ultron in Avengers Assemble
    Ultron in Avengers Assemble

    Ultron appears as the main antagonist of the second half of Season 2, voiced by Jim Meskimen. He first appears in the episode "Thanos Rising", where he makes his entrance by hijacking the body of Arsenal a robot that Howard Stark had designed to absorb energy. Creating a new body from Arsenal's, Ultron uses the robot's ability to absorb the power of the Infinity Gauntlet before flying off to parts unknown.

    He appears as a recurring villain throughout the season, even indirectly splitting the Avengers up between Captain America and Iron Man. He was ultimately destroyed after Arsenal temporarily regains control of their shared body and plunges them into the sun, with the Avengers coming back together.

    In Season 3, it is revealed that A.I.M. had recovered parts of Ultron's old body. After the Avengers had defeated the Scientist Supreme, Ultron surprisingly makes an appearance, making a new body for himself. After a brief fight with the Avengers, he leaves and creates robotic copies of each of the Avengers. Once they had figured out his plan and taken down their robotic counterparts, they had seemingly destroyed him.

    He returns later while the Avengers meet the Inhumans. In the weeks after they met, Ultron had taken over Atlian, with most of the Royal Family, excluding Black Bolt, being captured. After the Avengers get involved, he captured Black Bolt and restrains him below a machine that will destroy Atilan with the Terrigen Mist. Iron Man eventually finds a way to stop the destruction of their home, but at the cost of Terrigen Mist being exposed to the world. Ultron is disposed of, being destroyed by Black Bolt's voice.

    He returns in another episode when Thor and Vision travel to Asgard. He attempts to stop Thor, but he fails. Once back on Earth, the Avengers discover that Ultron has taken over the body of the Destroyer armor. After a long fight, he is shown being trapped at the bottom of the ocean.

    He later disguises himself as Truman Marsh, who quickly takes charge and fires the Hulk from the Avengers, replacing him with Red Hulk. His deception continues as Red Hulk loses control and fights the Avengers, later being defeated by the Hulk. Staying with the Avengers, he informs them of the Inhuman Registration Act, forcing all Inhumans to register with the governments of the world.

    Once the Avengers quit, he recruits Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Vision, Songbird, Ms Marvel, Ant-Man, and Red Hulk to form the Mighty Avengers. After the original Avengers and Inhumans escape prison, Ultron (Still disguised as Marsh) forces Ms Marvel to register.

    Because of this, the remaining Mighty Avengers join forces with the original Avengers. Marsh activates a signal that causes all registered Inhumans to rampage around the world. After Ms Marvel is freed, the combined forces of Avengers watch as Ultron reveals his true self, destroying Avengers Tower and turning it into three massive robots.

    Ultron distracts the Avengers and Inhumans with his robots while he secretly discovers a new Vibranium body, centered in Wakanda. The Avengers meet him in South America, where they learn that he's planning to melt the world. They try to defeat him but do not affect him too much. Once the Vision stops his plan to melt the Earth, Ultron takes over Tony Stark's body. In an act of true heroism, Tony asks Doctor Strange to send him to a different dimension, where technology does work, ultimately destroying Ultron for good.

    What If...?

    Ultron with the Infinity Stones
    Ultron with the Infinity Stones

    Ultron is the subject of the episode "What If... Ultron Won?", voiced by Ross Marquand. In this timeline, Ultron manages to defeat the Avengers and unleash nuclear armageddon upon the planet, killing most of the population. He subsequently kills Thanos and steals the Infinity Stones from the Infinity Gauntlet, which he uses to upgrade himself to a godlike new form. With this new level of power, Ultron rampages across the universe, destroying numerous worlds in his mad quest to bring about "peace" by eradicating organic life. Ultron's omnipotence eventually allows him to realize that he is being observed by the Watcher, and that a larger Multiverse exists. After defeating the Watcher, Ultron sets out to continue his murderous campaign across all of reality, with the season finale involving a group of heroes from across the Multiverse coming together to defeat him.

    Video Games

    Ultron and Ultron Sigma in MVC: Infinite
    Ultron and Ultron Sigma in MVC: Infinite
    • Ultron appears as a boss character in Captain America and The Avengers.
    • Ultron plays a major role in Marvel Ultimate Alliance. He is one of the Masters of Evil, along with Doctor Doom, Loki, the Enchantress, and Baron Mordo. He was voiced by James Horan.
    • Ultron appears in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, voiced by Tom Kenny.
    • Ultron is a boss character in Marvel Contest of Champions.
    • Ultron is a boss character in Marvel Future Fight.
    • Ultron is a boss character in Marvel Avengers Alliance.
    • Ultron is a boss character in Marvel Heroes 2015.
    • Ultron is one of the main antagonist's in Lego Marvel's The Avengers.
    • Ultron appears as the main antagonist in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite,with Jim Meskimen reprising his role from the animated series. In the game's storyline, he merges with Sigma to form Ultron Sigma, the primary antagonist. After being defeated, Ultron Sigma evolves into an even more powerful form known as Ultron Omega, who serves as the game's final boss. His single form is also available as a playable fighter.
    • Ultron appears as a boss character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, voiced again by Jim Meskimen.


    From Hasbro and Kaiyodo
    From Hasbro and Kaiyodo
    Marvel Universe and Sideshow
    Marvel Universe and Sideshow
    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Toy Biz released an Ultron figure in the Marvel Super-Villains: The Vault line.
    • Ultron was featured in Toy Biz's Avengers: United They Stand line.
    • Toy Biz released an Ultron figure for Legendary Riders Series which is the series 11 for Marvel Legends line of figures. The figure also came with a glider for Ultron.
    • Diamond released an Ultron figure for Marvel Select line.
    • Hasbro released an Ultron figure for Marvel Universe line of figures as part of Secret Wars Comic Pack that came with Reed Richards.
    • Another Marvel Universe Ultron figure was released by Hasbro.
    • Hasbro released an Ultron figure as part of Iron-man 3 movie Iron-Monger Build-A-Figure wave for Marvel Legends line and was rereleased for Marvel Legends Infinite Series Avengers 5-Pack.
    • Ultron was featured in several Lego sets for their Avengers: Age of Ultron line.
    • Hasbro released several Ultron figures for their Avengers: Age of Ultron line.
    • An Ultron figure was released as part of an exclusive three-pack with Vision and the Hulk for Hasbro's Marvel Legends line.
    • Sideshow Collectibles released an Ultron statue.
    • A movie version of Ultron was the focus of Hasbro's Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure wave for the Ant-Man movie, even though Ultron does not appear in that film.
    • Bandai Tamashii released an Ultron figure for their SH Figuarts line.
    • Kaiyodo released an Ultron figure for their Revoltech line.
    • Hot Toys released multiple Ultron figures for Age of Ultron, depicting his various forms throughout the film.
    • A classic Ultron was released as part of Hasbro's Marvel Legends Ursa Major Build-a-Figure wave.

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