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    A Kree Super-Heroine.

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    Ultragirl, Powerhouse of Style
    Ultragirl, Powerhouse of Style

    Suzy Sherman was raised by her father Toby Sherman and her mother in Southern California. In her teen years, like many young women, she attempted to break into the modeling industry. However those plans were thwarted after her superpowers began to make themselves known, as she began to take on the average form of a female bodybuilder.

    Suzy would be attacked by a Kree Sentinel, a left-over minion from Onslaught's assault on humanity. The Sentinel revealed that Suzy is actually a mutant Kree warrior, which led to many inquiries later as to what her true race is. The Kree had an ancient prophecy in which a Kree yet born would become the Universal Unifier, freeing the Kree from the Shi'ar control and uniting them bringing about a Golden Age of the Kree. Suzy was not interested in the least. Still mourning from the loss and unable to get any modeling jobs, Suzy began to envision using a new persona as her ticket to fame and stardom. At her very first run in with a news reporter Suzy kept using the term "Ultra", it stuck and the press dubbed her "Ultragirl". And than Ultragirl was born hitting the superhero scene for all the limelight she could grab.


    Ultragirl first appeared in Ultragirl #1 in 1996 and was created by Barbara Kesel and Leonard Kirk.

    Major Story Arcs

    New Warriors and the Initiative

    Suzy had some affiliations with the New Warriors. Because of this, she felt immense guilt after the Stamford incident, which led her to join the Resistance, and later the Initiative. While a part of the Initiative Suzy was injured while fighting the forces of HYDRA. She later accompanied Rage, Hardball, Cloud 9, Komodo, Triathlon, Thor Girl, and Slapstick to fight The Hulk during his attack on New York. When the other former New Warriors decided to quit the Initiative, Ultra Girl instead returned to Camp Hammond. With her training complete, she and Thor Girl were assigned to Georgia.

    Secret Warriors

    Ms.Marvel for a minute..
    Ms.Marvel for a minute..

    Upon graduating, Carol Danvers gave Susanna her original Ms. Marvel uniform. During the events of Secret Invasion, Dum Dum Dugan called all the sleeper agents in the Initiative, causing Ultra Girl and Thor Girl to fight each other out of fear. Thor Girl was revealed to be a Skrull and was killed with her own hammer.

    In the aftermath of Secret Invasion Susanna was issued a cease and desist order by Norman Osborn's Lawyer and forced to turn over the costume Carol gave to her under the threat of being arrested. That uniform was passed on to Karla Sofen a.k.a. Moonstone, who became Ms. Marvel in Osborn's Dark Avengers team. Ultragirl returned to wearing her own original uniform.

    When the deranged Thor clone Ragnarok attacked the Initiative, Justice and Counter Force arrived to stop them, and Ultra Girl saved Justice from one of Ragnarok's deadly attacks. Later on, Suzy was caught making out with Justice. Justice attempts to explain to a jealous Veil that they are just friends.

    She later applies for the job as nanny for the New Avenger's members Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. She is turned down in favor of Squirrel Girl.


    A mutant Kree or possibly Kree-human hybrid and as such has various latent superhuman abilities. Suzy has demonstrated the following superhuman powers and traits.

    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Healing Factor
    • Flight
    • Detects full-spectrum energy patterns

    Personal Profile

    No Caption Provided
    • Height: 5' 6''
    • Weight: 233 lbs. (105 kg)
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Identity: Known to the Public
    • Occupation: Crime Fighter, Former model, Member of the Initiative
    • Citizenship: United States of America Citizen, Citizen of Hala
    • Place of Birth: Hala
    • Known Relatives: Toby Sherman (Adoptive Father), Barbara Sherman (Adoptive Mother)

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