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    A terrorist organization led by Flag Smasher & secretly funded by the Red Skull.

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    Ultimatum is an acronym standing for Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army To Unite Mankind.

    It is an anarchistic organization dedicated to abolishing the concept of nationalism in order to bring about world unification through the use of terrorist activity against governments, institutions, and other symbols of nationalism, while supplying arms to various subversives.


    Ultimatum was created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary in 1986 and first appeared in Captain America # 321.

    Amazing Spider-Man/New Venom

    The ULTIMATUM organization recently surfaced in the pages of ASM 654.1. The Countess Bianca Demonico was tagged by the new Venom at a party and implanted with a tracking device. Tracking her to ULTIMATUM's base in Uzbekistan he realizes they've kidnapped Yusef Kassim, banker to one of the Middle East's largest oil companies. After a skirmish with ULTIMATUM agents and their leader Flag Smasher Flash successfully rescues Kassim.

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Karli Morgenthau, a gender-swapped version of Karl Morgenthau, leads a terrorist group compose of super-soldiers who believe the world was better during the Blip. Instead of using Flag-Smasher as a personal moniker, the whole team is called the Flag-Smashers.

    After the Snap, Earth's nations united as one people to work together to survive the harsh aftermath of the culling, ceasing hostilities and disputes, offering jobs to anyone willing to help, but the Blip resurrected those lost, causing unemployment and homelessness, which restored past hostilities and the formation of the Global Repatriation Council. Karli Morgenthau believed the GRC cared more about those who returned than the ones who never left, and began recruiting like-minded individuals to form the Flag Smashers, a revolutionary group whose mission statement was to restore things back to the way they were during the five years; a united world without borders or patriotism, helping each other in times of need. Their logo, a human handprint with the Earth as its palm, would reflect this


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