Ultimatum #4

    Ultimatum » Ultimatum #4 - A Time To Die released by Marvel on May 1, 2009.

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    Home of Doctor Strange.

    Spider-Man and the Hulk.

    That Night.

    After the events taking place after Ultimate Spider-man #132, Hulk tears open and unleashes an unkown force of magic. Peter is later deterilzed by the force of the explosion and all that is left is the burned off remains of Spider-Man's mask which is recovred by Kitty Pride. Unfortunetly, things gt worst, the demon Dormammu rises from th explosion and takes hold of the Human Torch. Doctor Stange tries to stop the demon, but is stopped when Dormammu forces Stanges' head to explode. When strange failed, The Thing and Invisible Woman com to help their fllow teamate. While they enter the fight, an unkown man recovers Doc Stranges' body.

    Lower Manhattan.

    Hulk and the X-Men.

    That Night.

    The Incredible Hulk is running from the Military forces that try and destroy him, but they are later blocked by the mutant known as Cyclops. While Hulk lays in a crater, he is later greeted by Wolverine. Hulk's reaction is immediate and he launches at the team until young Jean Grey uses her mutant powers to calm the beast down.

    White House.

    Supreme Power Universe.

    Reed Richards. Doom. Zarda. Arcanna.

    Time Unkown.

    Nick Fury is confronted by the heroes from the ultimate universe, they try to convince Nick to come back and fix the Ultimatum crisis. In an attempt to understand what happend in the Ultimate Universe, Doc Doom states that he had Magneto's daughter killed so that he could declare war on Mankind. Afterwards, he would pick up the pieces and become the ruler. Reed and Zarda soon atack Doom, but are stopped by a gunfire by Nick Fury. Then he commands Arcanna to teleport them back to the ultimate universe.

    Aunt May's House.

    Peter Parker's Home.

    Kitty and Wolverine.


    Wolverine comforts Kitty and tries to understand what happend to Spider-man. Kitty relpies that there was a great force of light and he vanished. Soon after, Wolverine hands Kitty an unkown gift and says that they were going up against Magneto and they if they don't come backt hen open the gift. They were leaving her and Booby/Iceman to protect each other and the citizens that survived. After all this goes down there were going to be be people to rebuild so that was why the had to leave them in New York.

    Magneto's Citadel.

    Above the Artic Circle.


    The X-Jet and an Ultimates jet fly forwards to assault Magneto. Angel crashes through the main window and smacks Erik in the jaw.Unfortunetly, Sabertooth impales Angel in the back and places him on the ground. Once on the ground, Sabertooth bites off one of his wngs and breaks his neck with his booth. After murdering Angel, Sabertooth is plunged by an arrow shot by Hawkeye. While holding Thor's hammer, Magneto is confronted by Valkyrie and has his right arm sliced off by her sword. Afterwards, Erik uses his mutant power to take her sword and defend himself, but Captain America bangs his shield on the back of Erik's helmet. Erik is then beat down by the super soldier, but manages to escape when a statue blocks Steve from finishing the fight. When managing to escape, Magneto is trapped by the rest of the super hero army.


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    Finally, Hulk Smash Mumbo Jumbo 0

    Originally posted June 7, 2009.   The fourth issue is finally here.  More people are dying.  We've already been talking about Ultimate Spider-Man #133 and what happened to Peter Parker.  Who else dies here?           What do you think?  Is it possible that we're just going to have all these characters dying?  How do you think it's all going to end?  Will we get a magic/dream reset?  Will the dead characters somehow return?  Is the Ultimate Universe going to carry on with a lot less charac...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Hulk &%$#ing Smash Loeb!!!! 0

    What the heck? Honestly? Who sits down, starts thinking about how they could make the Ultimate Universe a place where "anything could happen" and then comes to the conclusion that the best way to do that is kill everyone? And have so many deaths that the ones I cared about (Dazzler, Daredevil and Spider-Man) don't even carry any weight?! It's amazing how the only character on the cover for this month's cover to survive the issue is The Hulk, though to be fair, Daredevil was already dead.I've was...

    4 out of 5 found this review helpful.
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