Ultimatum #3

    Ultimatum » Ultimatum #3 - Heaven on Earth released by Marvel on May 1, 2009.

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    The saga that will change the Ultimate Universe continues! What is Magneto's true plan? Can he be stopped before all the heroes die? And in the end, what fate is in store for The Fantastic Four? The Ultimates? Even Spider-Man? Shock follows shock from the Emmy-nominated, Eisner-award winning writer Jeph Loeb and superstar artist David Finch!
    Magneto's Citadel
         Above The Arctic Circle.
         That Night.
    In the aftermath of the Ultimatum wave,many mutants are left dead by Magneto's mad plan to wash the world completely of mankind and warfare. It was confirmed that The Academy of Tomorrow was destroyed and Emma Frost along with her students were killed in the explosion. Meanwhile, in the savage lands, deaths of Longshoot,Forge,Detonator, and Harddrive were later confirmed as well. As Magneto watched the world he knew burns away, he knew that the death of his children had awaken and open his eyes. For years he has tried to tell the world that it could be in better hands, but they branded him a terrorist and a madman and for that they had to be punished for what they have done.

    After Seeing the Body of his dead wife beign eaten by the disfigured Blob, Hank grabs hold of the cannabalistic mutant and without a seconds ,notice bites off his head. In depression, Hank lifts his wife's body into his hands and sets forward twoards the Triskelion.

    The Sewers.
         Underneath New York City.
         The X-Men.
         That Night.
    Deep in the sewers, the fallen X-man known as "Nightcrawler" lays dead in a pool of his own blood, the body is later discovered by Wolverine. Up in the city streets, the remaining members of the X-Men gather their fallen brotheren for proper burial. An angered "Angel" depressed by the death of his lover sets forth on his quest of revenge against Magneto. It is later that Jean Grey tries to reach her teacher, "Charles Xavier", only to find that he has also fallen to the Ultimatum wave. Without their leader, will the X-Men survive the events that lead up into the final parts of this devastating events?


         Mythic Land Of The Fallen.
         Thor and Captain America.
          Time Unknown.
    As "Captain America" and Thor rage war against Hela's army of the undead, they are later put to a hault by the appearance of their fallen comrade, "Valkyrie". Unfortunetly, the godess of the underworld, "Hela", plays her final trick on Thor. She explained that if she allowes Valkyrie's soul to be set free, then one soul had stay in her stead. Thor stared into the eyes of Hela and together, Captain America and Thor made their final decision.

    The Triskelion.
         SHIELD Base of Operations.
         Lower Manhattan.
         Ironman and Carol Danvers.
         That Night.
    As Magneto's army of Madroxs invade the triskelion, "Ironman", "Carol Danvers", and an array of SHIELD agents fight to deffend what was left of their SHIELD headquarters. As all seemed to be lost, Ultimates members "Hawkeye" and "Hank Pym" come to the aid of their fellow comrades. As a last resort, the brave "Hank Pym" a.k.a. Yellow Jacket takes on an entire army of Madroxs that have been wired with explosives and were set to explode. Hank's final will, was to get Janet's body to saftey and to tell her that he was sorry. In that moment, Hank exploded out of existance leaving nothing but fire and brimestone. 

    Liberty Island.
         That Night.
    Awaking from what seemed like a nightmare, Valkyrie wakes to a worldplunged in fire. Ironman later approuches Valkyrie in an attempt to get information on how she got to her current location. Valkyrie then exlaines that "Thor" was dead, he sacraficed himself so that her soul could roam free. In anger, Valkyrie stated that she will personaly kill Magneto for what has been done. As "Captain America" awaks from his travel to Valhalla, he is later greeted by his fellow team members,"Hawkeye","Valkyrie", and "Ironman". The news of the death of Hank and Jan startles the American super-soldier. After regaining his strength, Cap and what's left of the Ultimates decide to gather every hero available and save the world. 


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    Shockingly, Offensively Bad 0

    Jeph Loeb is done.  The man who was once comics royalty, who penned some of the greatest Batman stories ever written and created the cerebral and elegant "colors" series to showcase some of Marvel's great characters, perished along with his son.  What remains is nothing short of horrifying.  The Loeb of today is a destructive, tone-deaf, creatively barren ignoramus who isn't qualified to write a Marvel coloring book, much less determine the future of Marvel's entire Ultimate line.  Gone are the ...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    The wait was really half-hearted... 0

    I've really enjoyed the Ultimate Universe, it really got my into comics in a good way, but if this is the big event we're going to see out of the Ultimate Universe as it's last big push before they reset the line, than I'm sorry, 3 months was too long to wait for this.The art is of course beautiful, but I'm beginning to see why Loeb got let go from Heroes, the writing is off, and some lines seem forced. The issue does do a good job to keep the attention of the reader, but I almost feel like I co...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Are There Too Many Deaths? 0


    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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