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After an intense battle against Vilgax, Ben destroyed the Omnitrix so that Vilgax would not use it for his army. Ben's Ultimatrix was created by Azmuth the Galvin.

The Ultimatrix

The Ultimatrix is the most powerful weapon in the universe. It has all of the DNA of aliens inside of it, however with improvements. When Ben decides to become an alien, all he has to do is slap the ultimatrix emblem twice, and he will instantly transform into the ultimate version of that alien hero. Ben's new action quote is, "There is a Time to Go Hero, And then there is a time to go Ultimate."

A list of aliens that are currently unlocked in the ultimatrix, this number will soon grow.

  • Ultimate Big Chill: Ultimate Big Chill now can blow ice flames out of his mouth instead of ice. He can also fly and go invisible.
  • Ultimate Echo Echo: Ultimate Echo can shoot out Sonic discs instead of yelling bursts of sounds. Echo can duplicate himself.
  • Ultimate Humungousaur: The original humungousaur was only 20ft tall and could grow up to 60ft. However, now the Ultimate version is 60ft and can grow up to 120ft. He can also shoot out missiles.
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt: Ultimate Cannonbolt has spiked armor and can spin.
  • Ultimate Spider Monkey: The ultimate version has super strength, and has a more stronger webbing.
  • Ultimate Swampfire: Swampfire can now shoot out firebombs and regenerate body parts more faster than the original. He can also control all plant life.
  • Nanomech: Nanomech can shrink, fly, and shoot out energy bolts.
  • Ampfibian: Ampfibian can swim really fast under water and shoot electricity bolts.
  • Armodrillo: Armodrillo can dig under ground and also has super strength
  • NRG: NRG has energy beams and can become extremely hot.
  • Teraspian: Teraspian has the power to fly and shoot out wind blasts.
  • Waterhazard: Waterhazard has water whips and an armored exoskeleton.


The Ultimatrix, unlike the Omnitrix, doesn't resemble a wristwatch. The central component, the selection interface remains the same, while the watch band was replaced by a gauntlet-like band extending up to almost half of the wearer's arm (since the band's ability to morph its shape wasn't placed into it). When Albedo used it, the Ultimatrix had a red color scheme. After Ben took the Ultimatrix from Albedo, the Ultimatrix became green. This shows that the user can change the color scheme. The selection interface is identical to the original dial, with the intergalactic peace sign that changes color to reflect what Ultimatrix mode the Ultimatrix is in.


UserWhen it was Put OnWhen it was Removed
AlbedoAlbedo steals the Ultimatrix from Azmuth's Laboratory and it appears in The Final Battle: Part 1In The Final Battle: Part 2, he removes the Ultimatrix in order to give it to Ben.
Ben TennysonIn The Final Battle: Part 2, Ben puts it on after threatening Albedo.In The Big Story, the Ben plant clone removed it in order to use it.
In The Big Story, he puts it on again after taking it from his Plant Clone.In The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2, Azmuth removed it so Ben can the use the real Omnitrix.
Plant AlienIn The Big Story, when it captured Ben and stole the Ultimatrix.It was removed when Ben stole it from one of its servants.
AlphaAlpha copied the Ultimatrix and used it to transform into E.V.O versions of the aliens in Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United.Removed by Rex Salazar.


Active ModeActive Mode is the Ultimatrix's default mode. Normally Active Mode is active when the Ultimatrix can be used and nothing is wrong.
Recharge ModeRecharge Mode's main purpose is to keep the Ultimatrix from damaging the user. Recharge Mode is activated when the Ultimatrix runs out of time. Recharge Mode is deactivated automatically, once a certain period of time has passed.
According to Dwayne, using Ultimate Forms will make the Ultimatrix go into Recharge Mode sooner than using non-Ultimate aliens.
Scan ModeWhen DNA not in the Codon Stream is near the Ultimatrix, it closes its main features until the DNA is scanned. When a new DNA sample is acquired, the Ultimatrix sometimes shows a picture of almost every alien unlocked, plus the new one.
When a new DNA is sensed, the Ultimatrix either pops out and shoots out a yellow ray from the black and yellow part or doesn't pop out but circles and then reveals a hole which shoots out the yellow ray. When in alien form, the Ultimatrix shoots out a yellow ray from the dial. If the DNA is already in the Codon Stream, the Ultimatrix will have to be set to Scan Mode manually and the alien will just be unlocked and available for use.
Reset ModeThe Ultimatrix deactivates, charges, and re-activates. It can turn off/on some features. Reset Mode can be activated by Voice Command or by pressing and holding the Ultimatrix symbol as an alien for 2 seconds.
Deactivated ModeThe Ultimatrix shuts down, making it of no use. This mode first appeared in The Ultimate Sacrifice.
Radiation ModeRadiation Mode is activated when radiation is detected. The Ultimatrix will beep and flash red. Radiation Mode is activated whenever radiation is detected.
Radiation Mode can be turned off by turning the Ultimatrix symbol to the quarter past position as an alien, or when radiation isn't detected anymore.
Self-Destruct ModeWhen in Self-Destruct Mode, the Ultimatrix counts down until it explodes. Self-Destruct Mode functions as a last resort should the Ultimatrix fall into the wrong hands. Self-Destruct Mode can be activated and deactivated by Voice Command.


  • The Ultimatrix can access the Codon Stream's database to show which transformations have been activated over time.
  • The Ultimatrix functions as a wireless receiver for the Codon Stream.
  • The Ultimatrix is linked to the voice and DNA of Ben and responds to voice commands as the Omnitrix did.
  • The Ultimatrix has the ability to evolve aliens into their Ultimate Form, granting them new powers and new abilities that are more powerful. This is activated by pressing the faceplate of the Ultimatrix as an alien, causing four gray spikes to grow.
  • According to the Cosmic Destruction website and Dwayne, the evolution feature works by placing the selected species in a simulation, right down to the DNA, of the worst possible future for an extended period of time, about a million years or so, in what is described as a "worst case scenario"; the actual DNA is then simply modified to match the new DNA. This survival of the fittest routine explains why the evolutions are more combat-centered than their normal forms.
  • The Ultimatrix serves as a communicator when transformed and not transformed, like the Omnitrix.
  • According to Dwayne, the Ultimatrix does have a Master Control.
  • The Ultimatrix always goes into Capture Mode when there is a sapient species' DNA that isn't in the Codon Stream within its proximity.
  • There are several ways of removing the Ultimatrix:
    • The Ultimatrix has a voice Command, just like the Omnitrix.
    • Pressing the black button next to the dial.
    • Ben was also able to remove the Ultimatrix from his Plant Clone by grabbing it at the same time the clone attempted to turn into an alien, so instead of the Clone turning into Swampfire, Ben did.
    • According to Dwayne, there is one more way of removing the Ultimatrix, that has yet to be revealed.
  • The Ultimatrix has A.I (Artificial Intelligence).
  • The Ultimatrix can add extras to alien forms (Goop's anti-gravity disk, Ghostfreak's extra skin, NRG's suit, etc.) to make the forms more safe/usable.
  • The Ultimatrix can change the clothing that the aliens wear, Ben doesn't quite know how the feature works. It is shown that returning aliens now have unique clothing to them (e.g. Four Arms). According to Dwayne, Albedo individually applied this function to each of the aliens. It is possible the Ultimatrix can also adapt the user's clothing to fit the alien, Eugene said it is possible this setting will be used again.
  • According to Dwayne, the Ultimatrix does not possess the ability to revive species stored on Primus, due to it not being added by Azmuth at the stage of development it was in and Albedo didn't add it.
  • According to Eunice, the Ultimatrix does not possess the ability to restore DNA.
  • It seems that the Ultimatrix can't detect outer dimensional creatures.
  • The Ultimatrix can detect other Matrix cores like Eunice.
  • The Ultimatrix automatically reverts the user back into their normal form when they get sufficiently hurt or knocked out.

Unseen Features

  • A Primacron Evolution Scanner
  • Cerebrocrustation designed Devo-Lution chip
  • Quantum destruct mechanism
  • DNA fail-safe cloning card

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