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While Professor X and his X-Men are "re-educated" in the Weapon X facility, the nation's most dangerous spy is asked to lead a group of Weapon X mutants on a top secret, Third World mission. His name is Nick Fury -- and he's none too comfortable with how the government is treating his super-powered colleagues! But with the interests of the Free World at stake, does he have a choice?

Nick Fury is on a mission but loses contact with SHIELD.

Weapon X experiments on the X-Men and uses them as agents.


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Ultimate X-men #9 0

So Nick Fury is on a mission .... Hmmmmm, you mean like Star Trek? You know, where the Captain goes on all of the away missions. Don't you think of all the Govt. Agents on the planet, S.H.I.E.L.D. might have enough agents where the guy who runs it, would not have to go out into the field. Nick gets caught, and we go to the X-men.Seriously, there just isn't anything going on in this issue. They are captured by Weapon X, and basically, we see them bitch at each other, and at Rogue and Juggernaught...

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