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As Wolverine finds himself dealing with a devastating secret from his past, Nightcrawler and Colossus learn they have more in common than they may have believed. Back at the Mansion, the romance between Rogue and Iceman heats up (and for Iceman, that may not be as good as it sounds)! Plus, the introduction of an all-new mutant to the X-team, whose presence will have profound implications. It only gets better!


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A Lesson In Shi`ar Theology... 0

Ok, this issue wraps up the Date Night storyline, wraps up a few loose ends and sets up another storyarc. One of two spells of action, sees SHIELD capture the mutant, Elliot Boggs - who is then delivered into the hands of Professor X. The other is Sabretooth and Wolverine`s continuing showdown... The core of the issue is Lilandra explaining the religion of The Church of Shi`ar Enlightenment. Fortunately, this is done clearly and no-nonsense, so doesn`t bore the pants off the reader... The res...

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