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A deadly new mutant with a horrifying power debuts. And only one of Prof. X’s X-Men has a chance-in-hell of stopping the carnage.


A young man wakes up in his room to his blazing radio. His room has numerous posters on the wall, two X-Men posters, a Spider-Man poster, and a Korn poster. Dressing himself in a Punisher T-shirt and walking donwstairs, he notices that an empty bowl is on the counter, and that the sink is on. Confused, he shouts out for his mom, asking where the bananas are. Walking around his kitchen, he is confused as to where his mother is, and sees her clothes on the floor. Giving up, he leaves a note on the refrigerator.

Walking to school, he sees a dog collar on the sidewalk and is very confused. Finally seeing some other people, he smiles and is relieve. He thought he was going crazy for a second. Turning his back to them, he doesn't see them all burn up behind him. Getting to school, a young brunette, who is his girlfriend approached and asks why he didn't call her back. He says he can't call after ten, and she looks very shocked. Looking behind him, his classmates are burning, and as his girlfriend falls to the floor, she tells him that he's doing it. He screams.

Later that night, a man is seen walking into a cave, and he lights a match seeing a bag of food on the ground. A voice shouts out for him to leave. He lights a fire, and sits down. The boy from before tumbles out of the shadows and realizes that the man is Wolverine, of the X-Men. Wolverine hands him a beer, and tells him that the X-Men found him with a mutant finding machine.

The boy asks how many people died, and Wolverine tells him that he killed 265 people, maybe more. The boy goes into tears, telling Wolverine that he can't live like that. Wolverine agrees, and the kid knows what is coming. The boy starts going through all the things he never experienced, and finally tells Wovlerine to do it.

We see Wolverine walk out of the cave, a somber look on his face.



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