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The Loeb I've Been Looking For. 3

Jeph Loeb has been a polarizing writer these days, it's hard to imagine that the man who wrote The Long Halloween also wrote Red Hulk and Ultimatum.  However, Loeb writes for his artists, so anything with Tim Sale is good and his New Ultimate Avengers run with Frank Cho have been pretty decent.  And here he really hits it out of the park with Art Adams.  With this issue, I can somewhat forgive the massive delays (Adams just had a kid), Jeph Loeb writes with his heart in this series.  The last is...

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Jeph Loeb can write good comics? Get out of here! 0

It's taken just over a year to release five issues, but it's been worth it. Jeph Loeb almost redeems himself for Ultimatum with this (now) miniseries. Though it didn't come close to answering the highly intriguing post-Ultimatum status of mutants in the Ultimate Universe, it sets up the new Ultimate X-Men nicely for said task. I like the group they've assembled. I hope this means Ultimate X-Men will hit the ground running without having to rehash an origin story again. Wishful thinking, I...

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Finally, Five. 0

February 2010 saw Jeph Loeb and Art Adams release issue 1 of their new bi-monthly series Ultimate X.  It is July 2011 and we have finally received the fifth and (presumably) the final issue of this series. Five issues over nearly a year and a half feels very drawn out and has likely led to a distant audience.  If it didn't have the power houses of Loeb and Adams on it, I'm doubtful it would've been even on the radar for most comic readers.Let me state my biases up front:  I'm an Art Adams fan-- ...

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