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Exploding from the pages of the Ultimates, comes Ultimate Thor! Don't miss the superstar team-up of JONATHAN HICKMAN and CARLOS PACHECO as they go back to the beginning and tell the origin of Thor, Loki and the rest of Asgard!

Ragnarok has descended and Asgard sits at the edge of the end. What will become of Thor and the Warriors Three? And what exactly does Baron Zemo, mysterious commander for the Nazis, have to do with it all? Ultimate Comics Thor brings you the untold story of Thor's thunderous debut!


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Psychiatry and Mythology 0

The Story - Ragnarok is coming and it´s up to Thor, with the help of Donald Blake, Balder and Loki?? to stop the unavoidable, to stop destiny itself. And connected to this all, a search of the Nazi back in 1939 for a secret and ultimate weapon that is stored in Asgard. The Writing - Hickman gets the credit for making an interesting comic book that uses a lot of concepts and ideas: technology, mithology, war and brotherhood. The whole Nazi story thing, it it was in other book, maybe it would be ...

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Ultimate Thor #1 0

The God of Thunder did not disappoint. I haven’t really been following the Ultimate books for a couple years now, but thankfully this is Ultimate Thor’s origin so it’s an easy jump on point. The plot is pretty good and certainly interesting, and I definitely want to know what’s going to happen next. Jonathon Hickman’s writing is pretty good fits well with Ultimate Thor. Carlos Pacheco’s artwork is fantastic and similarly fits well with the characters. He does some amazing wide shots that show h...

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