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Ultimate Tribute

This issue was created as a finale ending the Ultimate Marvel Team-Up series. One of the most stellar lineups ever assembled in recent history contributes here. I have to admit, at the time of this review, I have never read a single issue of Ultimate Marvel Team-Up. And while yes, such a diverse and large group of artists does mean that some of the styles represented here are not appealing to me, I'd say about 80% of the content here was AMAZING artwork. If you're looking for an intricate story this isn't the place for you. Bendis does explore an interesting internal conflict for Peter, but this is just what it says it is, a super special. Since it's a celebration of Ultimate Spider-man, it's tough for me to give this any kind of "rating". I enjoyed it a lot and it could have easily gotten 5 stars, but I'm picky and weird and a collection of brilliant art sans equally brilliant writing is not representative of the comic book's full potential as a medium. As such this book becomes a paper art gallery. Anyway, I've rambled enough! If you like Spider-man you'll probably like this. I recommend it.

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