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As far as comics go this one is a solid read.

So today I was in lunch sitting around bored (I am now back in high school as I write this.) So I was like "Yo, homies we needta head up ta da library, yo!" (No I don't actually speak like that.) So we went to the library, and I was looking at some Stephen King books. After awhile I looked around and saw the graphic novel section and I picked up a few along with Doctor Sleep. One of the comics I picked up was this one. Now personally I am not a huge Bendis fan, most of his work to me is below average, I do enjoy his Daredevil and Alias, and now this.

As far as plots go this one really isn't inventing the next `wheel` so to speak. If I had to guess Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man is probably one of those books that're amazing as one HUGE story, so this story works as a nice simple story. It's a story you've heard before but done better by Bendis and co. Peter Parker gets bit by a radioactive spider, his uncle dies and he's like "NOOOO! I MUST FIGHT, IN HIS MEMORY!!! YEAH! SUPERHEROICS!" but Bendis makes it work and adds in his own twists that're new to his version. You also have a funny Spider-Man, a wise Uncle Ben, an entertaining Flash Thomspon among a whole slew of great characters.

As far as Bagley's art goes I was pretty impressed. Everything looked "entertaining" I know that doesn't really describe art usually but.. read it and tell me you don't want to jump up and down like a mexican jumping bean because this art has you hyped? Right?! Good stuff, I feel I should mention that some of the characters look somewhat dated already, maybe it's just me though.

So yeah 4/5 for me a really solid story just not "WOW! ERRYBODY NEEDS TO READ THIS!"

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