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  This story arc is fantastic.

The storyline combined with the terrific art work makes for a spectacular volume. In this issue, the experiment that Curt Conners has been working on which combined the of himself (lizard) and Peter Parker had made a humanoid that lives off consuming corpses, leaving their bodies behind in a mummified-like state. This issue is exciting and hard to put down.

The only downfall I think it faced was that on a few pages near the start where Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy make an appearance bumping into each other at the mall. The drawing style becomes inconsistent over these three pages in the mall for some reason and it looks quite evident that a completely different penciller was used for this scene and even the vector shading is slightly different from the rest of the comic which is vastly disappointing because the colouring in the rest of the comic is really spectacular. I found that this disrupted the flow of the comic a little bit but the story more than makes up for it.

I also have to applaud the artists for the work done making Carnage look really disgustingly cool. His limbs when they outstretch to consume his victims look like strings of gruesome blood vessels but they also spit out randomly from the core of his body like flames.

Even with the inconsistent drawing, 5/5 

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