Ultimate Spider-Man #60

    Ultimate Spider-Man » Ultimate Spider-Man #60 - Carnage: Part 1 released by Marvel on August 1, 2004.

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    Move over Venom -- here comes Ultimate Carnage! And what strange connection does Dr. Curt Connors have to the story? Things really get weird as the Ultimate Punisher drops by for a visit, and we introduce…Ultimate Ben Reilly!?

    The Spider-Man movie made millions at the box office, due in no small park to actual footage of a battle between the real Spider-Man and the real Doctor Octopus which spanned two continents. Needless to say, neither saw any money from this movie, although Peter did lose a tooth, and Octavius lost his arms.

    In the bedlam that was the past week of Spider-Man's life, Gwen Stacy, the girl that Aunt May took in, found out that Peter is Spider-Man. At first, there was a confrontation, but the two came to an understanding and now Gwen joins Mary Jane as Peter's confidant.


    This is not the first apperance of Ultimate Carnage, his first apperance is in the next issue number 61


    The Lizard lunges at Spider-Man, who tries to talk him down. It seems that Doctor Curt Connors, who knows Peter's secret, has transformed once again. The reptilian monster he appears to be now is the result of Connors attempt to re-grow his severed arm using lizard DNA. The Lizard finds himself in front of a house. Bursting the door open, he finds Peter asleep in his bed. Conflicted while looking at a photo of Peter and his father, the Lizard strikes Peter!

    Doctor Connors screams himself awake in a cold sweat. He calls his estranged wife (Doris?) and asks about his son (Timmy?). Connors finds out his wife has "company" over. His eyes turn to a letter from Stark International with bad news regarding his grant money.

    Out in Brooklyn, Spider-Man swings through the rainy skies following police cars to the scene of a hostage situation. Captain DeWolfe is on the speaker, negotiating with the hostage taker. The criminal demands the liberation of "Nurhachi", whoever that is. Spider-Man confronts the man, who turns out to be twice his height!. After a battle that takes out a lot of priceless artifacts, the police surround the scene.

    Captain DeWolfe demands the S.W.A.T. guys put their guns down while one of the hostages insists that Spider-Man was the hero here. The Captain offers Spider-Man medical help for his injuries sustained in the battle, but Spider-Man declines her invitation since he's "allergic to jail."

    Doctor Connors goes to the lab to get some late-night research in. He finds Spider-Man waiting for him inside. Peter asks if he can cash in a favor Connors owes him. Despite not being a medical doctor, he patches up Spidey as best he can. While he's doing this, Peter asks how the whole Lizard thing is going. Connors says the DNA damage is done, but that the Lizard inside him is dormant for the moment. Peter tries to cheer Connors up, but Connors sours the moment with his bleak view of science.

    Peter thanks Connors for his help. Connors offers a ride, but Peter says it'd be faster to web home. Peter does accept a sweatshirt to fight the rain & cold and offers his help with whatever is going on in Connors' life. The good doctor asks for a miracle scientific breakthrough; Peter replies that he IS one.

    Doctor Connors looks at a bloody cotton swab from when he was stitching Peter up. He puts the swab under a microscope and...



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