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Peter had just been shot in the arm. The cops quickly grab him handcuff him and slam him up to the police car. Peter is still in a haze from the gun shot while the cops are telling him his rights and try to take off his mask. When they just about get his mask half way off Peter quickly regains himself and breaks away and runs up a building.

Here he is still trying to get his head straight and he has to try and take off his handcuffs which he eventually does. After this he runs down the building, after being shot at by a police helicopter, and behind a dumpster. The next scene cuts to MJ in her bed writing in her diary about the night she was thrown off the Queensboro bridge when May calls her asking if peter is there which she says he is. They hang up and MJ still seems a little depressed when she gets another call from Peter where he asks her to help him.

She eventually gets to him and sees that he is shot, she also tells him that she has some spare clothes of his. She is able to convince him to go to the hospital where he faints. The doctors fix him up and put him in a bed when he finally wakes up there are some police officers and doctors outside of his room he then quickly escapes without them knowing until they enter his room.

Peter and MJ meet up again and they are able to get back home. When Peter gets home he accidentally wakes up May who goes up to his room to find that he is asleep. She leaves the room and Peter gets up to watch the news where Sam Bullit is talking to some newscaster about how Spiderman is now officially a wanted person.

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