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My first issue of the series.

WARNING: this review may contain spoilers. Up until this issue of ultimate comics spiderman I hadn't read any of the series even though I wanted to ( comics are a lot harder to read continuosly issue by issue in Australia because comics aren't a real big thing here.) So finally I was able to find my first issue of ultimate comics spiderman which was issue number 3. Anyway at the start of this issue we see MJ at her job and she gets picked to write a story on spiderman but with Peter and MJ broken up she is finding it hard to cope with the fact that people are now starting to look up to spiderman and she is sick of seeing him everywhere. We also see a bit of what happened to Johnny Storm after the ultamatum wave, and he needs a place to stay and you can guess where he ends up staying, the place where every troubled teenager goes yep you guessed it Peter's house. It is also great to see ultimate Mysterio doing his thing and when I mean thing I mean robbing banks and making giant holographic images to throw people off which I thought was really cool and Interesting. Altogether I found this issue excellent it was great to see some of the comedic conflict between Peter and MJ and I really enjoyed seeing Ultimate Mysterio. If you have been reading this series already of course you will want to read this and if you are a fan of ultimate spiderman and havn't been reading this series (like me) I suggest that you start reading it now. This was an excellent issue and I highly recommend it.

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