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Gwen is a "cutie"?

3 out of 5.... is preety much right.... 
-You would probably wanna read my review for issue 1 first- 
Ok on the first issue I mentioned that I didn't like the art.... still don't like it, but I wouldn't expect me to change my mind  just one issue later... 
As far as the story goes... Bendis gave me some added questions to series..... Liek what happened to MJ and Kitty througout the six months after the Ultimatum wave hit!.... Why is Johnny bunking at the Parker home... and why the keck are peter and Gwen dat>SPOILER<ing? 
Aparently Peter has post-traumatic stress...and Mysterio is taking over.. so this is intreasting... there's just one thing about the story that did bother me... The Bombshells... who the heck are they??? and why would Bendis have a couple of villainess who are mother-daughter and the daugter cusses like every two words... I mean it's like !@##$$%^^&%# and !@#@$#%%^% also please !@##$$%%%^ and !@$$%^#@@...... Well I got bored with that.. just put her in MAX title and gert over it don't scrape her on this awesome story... 
Well I've said it before and I'll say it again..... you want me to like a comic give it a good cliffhanger.... this had not a good cliffhanger... I mean Aunt May asking: "What happened to you?" is not a cliffhanger...... 
well anyways this is a good comic book because of the personal story, you know, Pete, Gwen, MJ, Kong, etc... but as far as secret identity wise... KO<Spidey>FF ...NO! 
PS. Spider-Man did look a little less kiddish in this issue

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