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An event here and an event there

Okay we have a new villain introduced- the Mysterio who kills kingpin. While this is picking up a thread, there is this Johnny Storm lying in Spidey's house; there is a lady and her daughter trying to shoplift a store with their mysterious bombshell powers. Again a mix of lot of events with none of them leading anywhere.

Art: So-so. I don't like it that much. Although the art of the town is awesome but the people don't look that great. Especially Peter & Gwen. They look more like Manga characters. Spidey looks like a tiny kid and not even a teenager. This should be titled spider-kid instead of spider-man!

The different angle in this issue and onwards is that everybody likes the wall crawler! Policemen are very happy to see him. Human torch has got up! wow finally! and nothing revealed yet. Overall I think its another issue with nothing much happening.

3 stars at max!

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