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The End



And so the 10 year run of 'Ultimate Spider-Man' came to an end.It started with Bendis-Bagley and ended with Bendis-Bagley with a little help from Stuart Immonen,David LaFuente and Sara Pichelli.For me this arc was the most important in young Peter's life not only because he eventually died saving New York but also because he ended up victorious.It was his final test.His uncle Ben died because he wasn't thinking of consequences but as his final act he saved his family and the city from the threat of the Sinister Six whom the only man left standing in the end was Peter's greatest nemesis, Norman Osborn aka the evil Green Goblin.This version of the Goblin is far my favorite.He was pure evil and his appearance is more than menacing.The 616 version of his is less 'serious' at this department.
The whole issue circles around the climatic showdown between Peter Parker alias Spider-Man and Norman Osborn and they both give what they have until Peter really looses temper and smashes a van into Norman twice which causes a massive explosion and kills Peter.This was a bt lame but ultimately a good final act for the young hero.The family than mourns the loss of Peter and the last shot/page is something really cool.The lifeless body of Norman Osborn is burning in flames than suddenly his expresion goes to a slight smile which confirms that the villain who killed Spider-Man isn't dead.
Bendis once again delivered a magnificent arc which concludes the story of the young Peter Parker as someone else will take the mantle and become the Ultimate Spider-Man.
The issue fairly deserves a 4.5 out of 5 from me.Not the best issue for the ending of a series but it has its great moments.

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