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Its for your own good

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I like this concept, kids can be reckless and rash they think they are invincible. I was that way and its just part of growing up. I honestly don't think Spiderman is that funny and he is not that sexy or really not that action packed but as a 16 year old with a lot of power and a lot of powerful enemies he is like a loaded weapon with the potential to get a lot of people hurt. That's what makes this ultimate spider-man interesting. There is a little coming of age drama here and if Spiderman's gonna get the mentorship and guidance for some more mature superheros I think that makes for a great story arc. This "Training" aspect is the best part of this book so far. The romantic parts between MJ and Peat are lacking chemistry in my view and some of the dialog is just pointless rambling. The art is eye catching but its the interactions between Spidy and Cap (and Ironman in the last book) make it a worthwhile read.

With great power comes great responsibility, and it requires great control and discipline. I'm looking forward to seeing where this story goes.

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