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The End

In the last issue of the Ultimate Spider-man series, Brian Bendis makes this story one to remember. There are no words written in this issue, but that is what gives it the unique quality that every  great comic book should have. Unfortunately, to continue with my review, I'm going to have to spoil the ending. Peter Parker/Spider-Man is apparently dead after an explosion caused by the Hulk creates a devastating eruption in New York. Peter's death is mourned by all of his friend including Spider-Woman, Mary Jane, Kitty, Kong, and Aunt May. It is possible that Peter might not stay dead because of the new volume coming out for Ultimate Spider-Man. It's been a great run with Bendis writting these great stories and Immonen creating fantastic drawings for the series, but now it all comes to and end. I gave this review 5/5 stars, this is literally the first comic that I've given this rating to so far. I would definetly recommend this book to anyone who has read at least one or two issues of the series.

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