Ultimate Spider-Man #131

    Ultimate Spider-Man » Ultimate Spider-Man #131 - Ultimatum released by Marvel on April 1, 2009.

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    Ultimatum tie-in! The hits just KEEP ON COMING! Just when our waterlogged webslinger thought things couldn’t get any worse, Spidey finds himself face-to-face with none other than the HULK! PLUS Spider-Woman, Daredevil, and Doctor Strange amidst the destruction... and not everyone lives to see the next issue…!

    At the Daily Bugle, the workers art trying to grasp what happened. Jameson tells Robbie he was wrong. He was wrong about Spider-Man. When they were all panicking and running away, he saw Spider-Man outside his window trying to save people. He sits down at a computer and starts typing to tell the world.

    Spider-Woman finds Aunt May. She wants to know why she called her "aunt." She tells her to find her Peter and bring him back.

    Spider-Man is standing before the Hulk. Not sure what to do, he realizes he can talk to the Hulk and convinces him they're friends. He asks him to help him save people. They do until Spider-Man finds the body of Daredevil. Hulk reverts back to Banner and notices that Daredevil was his lawyer Matt Murdock. Seeing New York, he immediately thinks he's to blame and tells Spider-Man to kill him. Spidey tries telling him what really happened but he changes back to the Hulk. There is no reasoning with him as he tries smashing anything in his path.

    Spider-Man swings away and sees a cab sticking out of the roof of Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. Knowing that can't be good since the Doc keeps all his magic and demons inside, his fears come true.



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    So the cover of this issue would make you think a full out battle between Spider-Man and The Hulk was about to be witnessed. Sadly, you'd have to buy Hulk V Wolverine to get that kind of action, something the guys at the local comic store keep telling me to do.No, what you get instead is JJJ admitting he was wrong this whole time, writing the story about Spider-Man as a hero himself. We find Daredevil has died. We see Spiderwoman saving Aunt May in what had to be an awkward meeting for Spiderwom...

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    Death of Daredevil 0

    This issue realy suprised me, THE DEATH OF DAREDEVIL. I would never see that coming. Bendis has done a lot of work on that character, it suprised me to see his dead body after the Ultimatum wave hit. Overall, this was a great issue, a little short but a great ending. The way the Hulk was drawn was also amazing. He looked like a giant zombie compared to everything else drawn in the series. By the way that this issue ended, we will be hearing from the death of Doctor Strange next issue. I just can...

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