Ultimate Spider-Man #126

    Ultimate Spider-Man » Ultimate Spider-Man #126 - War of the Symbiotes - Part 4. released by Marvel on November 1, 2008.

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    Guest-starring the Ultimates! The worst has happened -- Peter Parker has become the dreaded symbiote Venom! And not only is Silver Sable and her Wildpack on his gooey trail, but our troubled hero is also in the crosshairs of the Ultimates!

    Could this be it? Is this an issue that could suprize us all? Find out in this isssue.


    The story begins one month ago in New York where the symbiote has left Eddie Brock naked and has attached itself back onto Spider-Man. The Beetle blasts Spider-Man with its green beams but Spider-Man throws the Beetle somewhere far with his symbiote. Eddie then tries to beg the symbiote to go back to him but it's still attached onto Spider-Man.

    The Wildpack then tries to shoot Spider-Man in a helicopter, Eddie runs away in case he gets shot. Eddie then tries to stop the Wildpack to stop attacking the symbiote but they refuse. They fire at Spider-Man and he gets angry so he throws a car at Silver Sable. Sable dodges and the helicopter keeps shooting Spidey. Eddie continues to persuade Silver Sable to stop but she still refuses. Spider-Man comes out of no where and jumps onto the helicopter and brings it down causing a massive explosion. The Wildpack are stunned by this and the symbiote on Spider-Man gets hungrier and hungrier.

    Silver Sable commands the Wildpack to fall back and they ask why and Silver Sable says that the big boys are here. Captain America, Iron Man, Wasp, Thor, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury comes flying in and they start to attack Spider-Man thinking that he was some other monster. Captain America throws his shield at Spider-Man but he catches it and he deflects most of the blasts with it. Captain America then takes Spider-Man down and punches him. The symbiote wants to feed on him but Spider-Man wouldn't let him so he punches Captain America away to prevent himself from eating him. After a bit more fighting, Fury realises that it was Parker inside the suit. Captain America comes back to attack Spider-Man so Fury tells Captain America to fall back and he also told Thor to keep hitting him with the god stuff. Eddie was in the corner of the street crying and Spider-Man couldn't take anymore and he blacks out...

    Peter then wakes up with his pjamas on and everything was normal. Aunt May then comes to the door and she asks Peter for a explanation. Peter didn't know what she was talking about then Aunt May told him that he came home very late last night. Peter says sorry and Aunt May forgives him. Peter gets very confused and he tries to piece what happened last night. He finds that his Spidey costume is gone, Peter then checks on the internet and he realises that he recieved a e-mail from NIck Fury telling him to go to him. Peter then finds the old spare costume and he swings to The Triskelion. He was then met by Iron Man and Nick Fury there. Spider-Man wanted to know what happened to him last night. Nick Fury tells him that lots of different countries are already fighting for the suit and that the suit might be the cause of World War III.


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