Ultimate Spider-Man #125

    Ultimate Spider-Man » Ultimate Spider-Man #125 - War of the Symbiotes, Part 3 released by Marvel on October 1, 2008.

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    The War of the Symbiotes rages on – and the next victim may be Spider-Man himself! The high-flying Beetle has sliced off a tentacle of the slavering symbiote called Venom – but what does he want with it? Howling in pain, Venom gives chase to his tormentor through the streets of Manhattan, catching the attention of a certain wall-crawler. And when all three combatants come together, what occurs is so shocking, so unexpected, it could only happen in the book in which anything can happen!

    Overview *SPOILERS*

    The story begins one month ago in a holding facility where a unconcious Eddie Brock is kept. Eddie wakes up and he immediately recognises the man holding him in the facility. The man reveals himself to be Bolivar Trask, president and CEO of Trask Enterprise; and with him, was Doctor Adrian Toomes.

    Trask then tells Eddie that he understand his problems and he also undersatnds that the suit has permanently attached itself to him forever. Trask tells Eddie that if the suit doesn't feed, it will start feeding on its host. Trask then tells Eddie that he'll help him to get his life back. Eddie asks why he's doing this and Trask tells him that the suit is worth billions of dollars. Eddie refuses claiming that it was his father'. Trask tells him that the suit is actually his and that Eddie's father was only working for him. Eddie gets angry and he turns into Venom and he lashes out at Trask but it was no use. The force field around him was too strong for Venom to break. Trask then persuades Eddie again and Eddie agrees this time.

    The story continues at the Empire State Museum Of Art hours earlier. Spider-Man is on the ground with policemen pointing their guns at him. Spider-Man then tells them that he's the good guy and that the real bad guys have taken a monster and drove off in a white van. The civilians then tell the police that Spider-Man was not lying. Spider-Man was then let go. Later that night in Peter Parker's basement, Peter gets his microscope out and studies his blood. He finds something strange in his blood cells. Peter sees strange black cells as well as the normal blood cells. His studies was then interupted when the Google alarms came on alarming him about signs of Eddie. Peter then changes into Spider-Man.

    Twenty prior, Venom is kept inside a cylinder in Trask industries and Doctor Adrain Toomes and other doctors study him. The Beetle then crashes in and attacks everyone in the room. Everybody is knocked out and the Beetle deactivates the cylinder keeping Venom unconcious. Venom asks who the Beetle is but he doesn't reply. A part of Venom lashes out at him and the Beetle then cuts that part of the suit off. The Beetle then flies off and Venom follows him. Venom lands on the Beetle as he continues flying in the city. The Beetle loses balance and he crashes onto the gorund. A policeman on a horse then approaches Venom. Venom then lashes out and eats the policeman and the horse. Venom gets stronger and the Beetle shoots out blasts at Venom. Spider-Man then swings in and kicks Venom. Spider-Man then punches Venom and suddenly, Spider-Man stops. The suit starts to slither away off Eddie and it starts to slither its way onto Spider-Man. The suit then bonds with Spider-Man.



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    Venom-tastic! 0

    I think the primal appeal of Venom should never be underestimated.  I'm not talking about the present day Venom in Marvel comics that, well, isn't even the traditional Venom.  I'm talking about Venom as he was in the beginning.  He was almost this movie monster type of villain and that was so awesome. Now, what Bendis has done here with that same Venom character has cranked up the volume.  I mean not only does he eat people in this issue, he even eats a HORSE!  (Note: No animals were actually hu...

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    Ultimate Beetle was my favorite part? 0

    It's been how many issues now since Mark Bagley left?  I'm still feeling his absence.  I don't have anything against Stuart Immonen's art.  I just really miss the clear...perfection of Bagley's art.  Immonen's art sometimes seems a little inconsistent.  Venom actually looks a little humorous when he's eating a person.  I don't think that's really intentional.  At least Justin Ponsor's colors adds some shine to it.I'm also not so sure about the return of Ultimate Venom.  His first appearance in t...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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