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The return of Omega Red! The deadly assassin is out for blood—J. Jonah Jameson’s blood to be exact! Why does he want to slice the Daily Bugle’s publisher to ribbons? And what can Spider-Man do about it? Find out in another action-packed issue.

It's baby report day. The class has to present how their project of being parents went. When it's Peter and Kitty's turn, she angrily allows him to take the lead. Peter carries their "baby" wrapped in a blanket to the front. He opens the blanket and reveals a mangled and charred baby doll. The class gasps in amazement. Peter stumbles and Kitty immediately puts the blame on Peter saying he killed their baby. The journal was destroyed also. The teacher is not too happy. Peter begins telling the story.

The previous day, Peter was left in charge of the baby. Kitty was upset that Liz was going to be an X-Men since she was recently kicked off the team. Peter had to work at the Daily Bugle afterschool. Betty Brant argues with JJ over being able to chase after the story of the disappearance of Nick Fury. He says she's not cut out for it and the story belongs to Ned Leeds.

A janitor goes into JJ's office and Peter's spider-sense go off. When JJ walks into his office, Peter gets up to try to listen to what's being said inside. The janitor reveals himself to be Omega Red.

Omega Red is pissed at JJ for ruining his career. The story of how he was so easily beaten by Spider-Man. JJ doesn't even remember him or the story. Omega Red hasn't been able to get any clients after the story. Since there have been some recent stories attacking the Roxxon Corporation, he decided to attack the Bugle to try to get back in their favor. All JJ can say is he has no idea who he is.

Spider-Man enters and the fight begins. The office gets trashed. When Spider-Man looks for thanks from JJ, he asks him who should get the bill for the mess.

In Peter's class, he shows the teacher the article in the paper along with his work ID badge. The teacher decides to give them a B- which is good enough for Kitty. Peter says that will ruin his GPA. His teacher tells him to sit down and accpet it or she'll give them the grade they really deserve.

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