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Ultimate Spiderman #119

Unfortunately I did not get to read the issue before this but reading the 'previously' section of the comic I pretty much get what is going on, so anyway this is my first review and here we go...... I love the ultimate spiderman comics I like bendis' writing and I love Stuart Immonen's art and they both fit together perfectly. So what did I think of this issue in particular I really enjoyed it and I think it's great that Bendis has got these characters down pat and I especially love Iceman in this one anyway I thought it was a great and enjoyable issue of spiderman and anyone that doesn't have it should definitely pick it up. So anyway thanks for reading.

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    Brian Micheal Bendis has a knack for good storytelling. This story was about Spidey and his Amazing Friends. Now we see the three of them together and trying to convince her into admiting she is a mutant and what her futre holds for her. Ultimate Firrestar apparently doesn't like Spider-Man's motto since she doesn't care about responsibility. Something else that should be mentioned about Bendis is that he knows how to put in a good cliffhanger. Magneto arriving in the end was good perfect for th...

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