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The mind-stunning climax to the “Ultimate Knights” arc! The traitor revealed! The fate of the Kingpin of Crime! Daredevil’s deep secret exposed! And Spidey’s in the issue, too, we think. Don’t miss a conclusion that will rock your world!

Under a bridge somewhere, two of Kingpin’s thugs take Ronin (Moon Knight) from the back of a van and bring him down to the water. One of the men pulls out a gun and shoots him in the head. They leave the body in the river as a way of sending a message to the other superhero types.

In Kingpin’s office, Iron Fist tells him what happened with the other superheroes earlier. Kingpin asks Iron Fist how they knew that he was the traitor and Iron Fist tells him that it was obvious because there were only five of them and it couldn’t be the others. Kingpin again asks how exactly Daredevil knew. Iron Fist tells him what went on.

Daredevil had attacked him and said that he knew he was a traitor because his body was giving him away. Daredevil could smell his sweat and hear his heartbeat and he knew he was lying. The others tried to stop him but he kept on trying to get to Iron Fist until eventually Dr. Strange held him back with a spell. Shang Chi was confused until Iron Fist told him that he had a daughter. Kingpin knew about the kid and had threatened her so Iron Fist betrayed the team. The others obviously mad but they didn’t hurt him.

Kingpin asks why they didn’t kill him (because he would have) and Danny says that Daredevil had taken him in again and had sent him to Kingpin as a distraction. Danny told Kingpin that because he’d taken Daredevil’s home, Daredevil was going to take his. Kingpin ran from the room and into his bedroom only to find Daredevil with his arm around Kingpin’s wife’s throat.

Inside Moon Knight’s head, his other personalities gathered around his unconscious body asking if they were dead. After they get a handle on the situation, a giant Ronin appears and yells at the Moon Knight persona to get up and in the real world, he does.

Back in Kingpin’s bedroom, Daredevil tells Kingpin that he could easily kill his wife and that he should kill Kingpin himself for knowing who he is. Kingpin shows that he’s afraid and tries to work something out with Daredevil. Just then, Spider-Man comes in and tries to talk some sense into Daredevil. He tells the blind hero that he can’t cross that line, that he’s not an evil, crazy man like Kingpin. He tells him about the guy who killed Uncle Ben and that he could have killed him and no one would have known. Daredevil says it’s the only thing Kingpin will understand. Kingpin starts trying to bargain again and Daredevil tells him to leave the country and never come back. Spider-Man chimes in and says that if he doesn’t leave or anything happens to Daredevil, he’ll tell Nick Fury.

At a police station somewhere else, Moon Knight (still dressed as Ronin) stumbles in and tells the cops that the Kingpin just tried to kill him.

Meanwhile, Kingpin is heading to an airport. He’s leaving the country but he still has instruction for his right hand man. He tells him to kill Matt Murdock, break Stephen Strange’s hands, and blow up Spider-Man’s school while class is in session. When they get out of the car the police pull up and place Kingpin under arrest for the attempted murder of Moon Knight. Kingpin goes to trial and is actually convicted and sent to prison.



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