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Ultimate Daredevil’s plan to bring down the Kingpin—permanently—kicks into gear, but Peter Parker has more immediate worries when an armed and masked vigilante bursts into Midtown High School looking for Spider-Man! Who is this man called Ronin and what does he want with our beleaguered web-spinner?

The Kingpin stands over his wife, Vanessa, who is lying in bed. A Mr. Rose comes in to tell him the man he's "auditioning" is there. Fisk informs Rose that they are never to discuss his business in front of his wife since she is ill.

In the mind of Moon Knight, the little girl aspect of his personality is talking to the other two. She is concerned about the plan of him creating another persona to infiltrate the Kingpin's organization. She feels that the mind is already too unstable. She also thinks adding a killer persona could run the risk of it taking dominance. He takes on the name Ronin.

In the parking garage at Fisk's, Ronin is standing in front of Kingpin surrounded by men holding uzis to him. When Kingpin asks him what he does, he replies, "Whatever needs to be done." Kingpin asks him to prove it so he begins taking out all the armed guards. Kingpin tells him that's not what he had in mind. He wants him to destroy Spider-Man and to bring him to him.

At Midtown High, Mary Jane shows off a news video she did dealing with the belief that Spider-Man is either a student there or a faculty member. Everyone in the Student News Network is impressed that she did it all on her own, except for Jessica Jones, who seems a little jealous. She is welcomed to the network.

As Mary Jane and Peter discuss her getting the position, Peter ribs her for using him to pad her extracurricular activities for college. Kitty Pryde walks by and an awkward moment is created. Mary Jane tries to say hi, but Kitty just rushes away.

Outside, Marc Spector hot wires a school bus and puts on the Ronin costume. He drives the bus through the front of the building and comes out shooting a gun. Kitty Pryde comes up thanking him for being there. She's been wanting someone to punch. She starts giving him a beating telling him how she can phase and has been trained to fight by Wolverine. He gets the better of her by spraying her in the face with a fire extinguisher and then hitting her with it.

In his mind, the little girl persona is pleading with Moon Knight to take over and stop Ronin. He appears to begin fighting him as he hits Kitty in the real world. Spider-Man arrives and he seems to take Moon Knight's place in his mind. Eventually Ronin hits Spider-Man with a dart and knocks him out. He grabs him, goes up to the roof, spins off a web, and swings away with him.

As all the students have gone out to the football field to get away from the fight, Liz asks where Peter is. Mary Jane has her camera out and notices Ronin swinging off carrying him. Kitty Pryde awakes as armed police agents storm the school. Ronin arrives at the Kingpin's place with Spider-Man and asks him what's next.



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