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Damage Control is repairing the damage done to the Parker house after Doctor Octopus' clones and S.H.I.E.L.D. caused. Aunt May is still in the hospital recovering from her heart attack. On the television it's reported that Spider-Man mania is sweeping New York. It seems that Spider-Man is now the most popular hero in New York, partly due to Nick Fury's public support. Wilson Fisk finds out that through the purchase of a holding firm, he now owns the global licensing rights to Spider-Man. He decides to take any licensing offer made and to flood the market with Spider-Man merchandise.

Peter and Mary Jane go to the Baxter Building so Reed Richards can run some follow up tests to her recent ordeal. As she undergoes the tests, Peter swings by the Daily Bugle. Peter hasn't been able to work much lately so J. Jonah Jameson fires him. Peter explains that his house was attacked and his aunt was in the hospital so Jonah reconsiders.

In an underground parkig garage, Kingpin meets with a costumed man who claims he kills people. Kingpin figures out that he isn't really trying to get a job. He manages to pull of his mask and asks him who he is. It is Shang-Chi looking to bring Kingpin down. As Kingpin's men shoot and chase after him, Daredevil comes to his rescue. He tells Shang-Chi that there are better ways to take down the Kingpin and that he's putting something together that would be perfect for him.

Back at the Baxter Building, Mary Jane is given a clean bill of health. As they head to school, Matthew Murdock wishes to speak to Peter Parker. Peter vaguely recognizes his voice and is on edge. Murdock is there to make Peter an offer. He tells him to meet him that evening in costume. He tells him it's a good thing, they're going to kill the Kingpin.

In class, senior Jessica Jones talks to Peter and Mary Jane's class about the school's television network. Peter and Mary Jane pass notes back and forth. She then asks Peter if he's spoken to Kitty Pryde yet. When he says not yet, Mary Jane tells him he's making things worse. Just then a new student is brought into class. Kitty Pryde has become part of Peter's class.


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