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A true milestone for Peter Parker, Ultimate Spider-Man and the Ultimate line—our double-sized 100th issue celebration! Chock full of secrets that date back to the book’s beginning—finally, chillingly revealed! And there are three—count ’em three—mind-staggering shock endings. It’s the Spider-Man event of the year with an exclusive look back at the series with Brian Micheal Bendis and Mark Bagley.

The story starts off with Richard telling Peter how he has been alive all this time. He begins to talk about his life’s work (the Venom Project) and Peter tells him he is familiar with the concept and origins. Richard states how Trask and the government wanted to use the work for biological weapons and what not.

Unknown to Peter, Richard and the Brock family were given a second offer to continue their work for others, yet not having complete control or gaining the results that the projected was created for. At the airport, Richard, Mary, and the Brocks were to get on a plane and fly to Chicago to talk about working for their new employers. Richard decides not to get on the plane and refuses to sign. Mary gets pissed at him, and the 3 take off on the plane. Richard later learned the plane blew up, killing all aboard.

Since Richard is technically a “ghost” now (the world believes him dead) he decides young Peter is in good hands with May and Ben to raise him. Henry Gyrich approaches Richard, deciding to make him an offer.

Richard can carry on his work with Gyrich and his people, but must remain in secret and never is seen.

He tells Richard they will support his endeavors in curing both Cancer and AIDS, but Richard must also help them prepare to help them in the upcoming genetic war the world is leaning towards. Gyrich also tells Richard Nick Fury wants to put together a team of super-soldiers to patrol the world, and Richard’s insight towards stopping this is needed. Richard realizes he must accept the offer.

Peter still wants to know how Gwen is alive, and May wants them all to leave her home. Richard has apparently helped bring Gwen back to life as he asks her how she is feeling and what her pulse is like.

Richard continues to tell Peter how he found out about the suit running amok in the city and how “Spider-Man” intervened in the onslaught caused by the creature. (See Ultimate Venom kiddies!) Richard then learns that his son is Spider-Man, and becomes more fascinated in what his son can do. He even sneaks out to watch him at school from time to time, much to the dismay of Gyrich and co.

Meanwhile, Ultimate Kaine wants to mutate MJ so she can have powers of her own and he won’t have to worry about her getting hurt ever again. This is all happening at the destroyed Oscorp laboratories (See Ultimate Spidey Volume 1. This all ties together!) Just as Kaine is about to start the mutation experiment, a six armed and black costumed clad Spider-Man stops him. Six armed clone states that this is not what they were created for and the two have a huge fight. Kaine gets the upper hand and defeats six armed clone, and starts the transformation process on MJ.

Back at the Parker home, Richard goes on to explain how he approached May awhile back. She tells him to stay away from Peter and get out of their lives. Peter still is confused about how Gwen is actually alive, when a voice is heard on the front lawn. Nick Fury wants all the Parker clan (and Gwen) to come outside and surrender or face lethal force. Fury has this massive armada of Spider-Slayer robots with him, and he isn’t kidding around here. Richard wants Peter to suit up, but Peter realizes even he can’t fight that many foes at once. Peter wants to try and talk first, and the stress gets to Gwen who turns into Carnage and leaps out the window to face the robotic foes. Aunt May seems to have a heart attack, and Peter doesn’t know what to do next. Back at the lab, MJ wakes up to hear Kaine tell her congratulations on gaining new powers and becoming a new person or being.

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