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Interesting and a hopeful start

The story opens with an interesting situation in New York and there is Peter working in a regular burger place. It is very nice to see a very common situation that we see very often. There is a mysterious character's appearance in this issue who seems to punish bad guys. Gwen Stacy is part of Spidey's life and she seem to know all his secrets. There are very simple but a lot number of events tossed in together. This issue on the whole is interesting and we see a villain's beginning. 3.5 stars as there are no special punches or big events; art from the new artist David Lafuente is nice but not that great. Hope the Eisner award winner Bendis has something up his sleeve coming up..

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    I'll be honest, I really wasn't sure if the next chapter in life of Ultimate Peter Parker was going to be on my reading list.  I was wrong. Dead wrong.  This issue is exactly what I, as an Ultimate Spider-Man fan, have been waiting for. I really don't want to give away the two big reveals, happening at the 3/4 mark and the last two pages, but it's setting this series to live up to it's quota, bring us Spider-Man stories we'd get no where else.  Without hitting anything important I'll try to glaz...

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    They should have never rebooted this... 0

    This issue is intresting and extraordinary (how do you like me now... using big words like that)  NO seriously... Bendis, my respects for the man because he knows how to write a good story. This issue is 6 months after Ultimatum (Yes it's finally over!!!!) and yet I feel that this could easily have been ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN Issue No. 136.... I say 136 instead of 134 because the Requiems could have been 134 and 135.....   The story is great, I mean Peter is not dead so the world is right again. No...

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