Ultimate Nullifier

    Character » Ultimate Nullifier appears in 22 issues.

    Founding member of the newest incarnation of the Teen Brigade, wields two guns that have a nullifying effect on the target's powers. Appearance is notable for his white hair, red tribal tattoos and bleached out version of a Captain America tunic.

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    No explanation of his origin or his guns was provided in his first and only series appearance.


    Ultimate Nullifier was created by writer Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta and first appeared in Vengeance #1 in 2011.

    Major Story Arcs


    Encounter with Magneto

    ULT fights a depowered Magneto
    ULT fights a depowered Magneto

    Ultimate Nullifier (ULT is his texting handle) was first seen partying with socialite Sugar Kane and former X-Man Stacy X. The three eventually had a sexual encounter via Stacy X's mutant pheromone emitting abilities before Stacy was scolded by veteran mutant figurehead Magneto for portraying mutants in a poor light. Though Magneto's entrance is grand, his follow through was lacking. A short battle between Ultimate Nullifier and Magneto breaks out, ULT zaps him with his nullifying gun and Magneto is left powerless. They tussle again, but eventually go on to discuss ULT's motivations. The two part ways with no injuries, as Magneto's powers return.

    Teen Brigade Team Meeting

    Once his "battle" with Magneto is over, he immediately starts texting Miss America, stating the mission was "sort of" accomplished, and that it was now time for a team meeting - meeting of the newest incarnation of the Teen Brigade. This version of the Teen Brigade includes: ULT, Miss America, Angel Salvadore, Barnell Bohusk and a bunch of nameless red-shirts.

    Once everyone (but Miss America, who is still on her way back from breaking out the In-Betweener - who happens to look like a child for the majority of the series) is gathered, ULT makes his feelings known about Magneto, staying secretive, tradition, among other non-rantworthy items. He goes on to say that it is their job to stay in the shadows, help the heroes win their battles, without anyone ever knowing. He cites Rick Jones as being an exception to this rule, as he didn't have a problem letting the heroes know they were helping. But many Teen Brigade teams have come and gone since WWI. He states, "Nine? Ten, maybe?". The point of all this banter is that as young as he is he is all about tradition - and likes to put people through the history lesson if they forget it - heck, even if they haven't forgot it.

    The crew (specifically Angel) grows tired of his rant and checks in on Miss America. ULT didn't realize that Miss America wasn't already there to hear his, "soliloquy", so he acts offended. He takes the comms away from Angel, stating, "Lemme talk at her. Wassup sexy? You got the package or what?" - Certainly ULT is a distinguished master of the English language. Miss America replies, "Don't start with me, Nullifier..." - apparently his charisma only goes so far. Then again, Miss A doesn't take crap from anyone (which she always points out).

    At that point, she is attacked by some pretty nasty creatures attempting to abduct the In-Betweener. It is a good thing Miss A can handle herself, because she has to fight off the hoard, protect the package AND put up with the BS from ULT. Statement's like, "--But for Galactus' sake, protect the package!" probably don't go over too well in the midst of battle... Either way, Miss A ends up fighting them all off, with pride and spirit on her side.

    She arrives back at the hideout, with the package, as the Teen Brigade is packing everything up to change locations again. As ULT states early on, they are the secretive type, by tradition, they don't live in the fancy Baxter Building where they can flaunt their hero glory... The In-Betweener and ULT have a little banter, ULT's conversation technique is a bit too casual for the strange visitor. ULT gives a quick run down on the team roster, and pronounces once again, "Anyway... we're the Teen Brigade".

    The In-Betweener takes a seat (ULT's favorite seat - taking a page out of the Big Bang Theory's Sheldon playbook), and starts lamenting about life, chaos, and war. He speaks so many levels above the rest of the team. They appear (especially ULT) to talk AT him, instead of with him.

    As the team is in the final stages of their move, they start discussing how they are happy to be the "behind-the-scenes assistance" - the same "tradition" ULT was ranting about earlier. Each of the Teen Brigade feels the same, they don't want to limelight, they don't want to respect, they just want the job. The team then heads off to their new hideout, in a suburb just outside of Chicago. This time their job is to protect the boy In-Betweener, until further instructions arrive.

    ULT makes some staggeringly deep statements as the rest of the team pulls away, "It's worth seeing beyond the rose-colored really look hard and see how it all works. To see the strings. An entire world hanging upside down." He does so while expertly twirling one of his guns. It would appear that "twirling his guns" is a nervous habit.

    Serenity, Anarchy, and the Spaces In-Between

    To learn more about what they are dealing with by harboring the In-Betweener, it is suggested that he actually SHOW them. So three of the Teen Brigade take a "trip" (ULT, Angel, and Barnell) while Miss A is marked with the In-Betweener's energy signature and sent out as bait.

    During this "trip" we see the Ultimate Nullifier, riding (Slim Pickens style) the Ultimate Nullifier as it was originally depicted in Fantastic Four #50 held by Reed Richards. He states, "Can someone pull the trigger on the end of the world?! YEEEE-HAAA--!" This is the only callback to his chosen namesake, and since it was during a "trip", there is really no understanding gained.

    Many more manifestations bubble up for the three "tripping" with the In-Betweener. These scenes really prove to be an illustration to the team of what kind of life the In-Betweener lives - everywhere - serenity, anarchy and the spaces in between. The team experiences the In-Betweener's struggle against the monsters, the creatures of shadow and death: The Braak'nhud.

    The team then learns that they, "only learn that which you NEED to know". Apparently, we do not need to know the Ultimate Nullifier's back-story, as it is not provided - even ULT himself questions it. ULT also asks if they were safe, in this fugue state, learning about the In-Betweener. He states that they are vulnerable, but precautions were taken (sending Miss A out with the In-Betweener's energy signature as bait).


    The team goes on to learn that the Braak'nhud and some unknown others want to disrupt the balance AND revenge. Once all this knowledge is gained, we see ULT yell, "--Teen Brigade Assemble, Motherforbushers!" It is obvious, but this statement and his "...Galactus' sake..." prove that he is up on Marvel lingo. The reference to Forbush Man is extremely unique, and may not even make sense, given his age...

    Teen Brigade on Villain on Villain Action

    Finally, with some lessons learned, the Teen Brigade go about their business - the business of taking out enemies without anyone knowing. They run into a bit of a snag, as the Young Masters are attempting to take out the old guard villains - the Young Masters believe them to be weak, in need of replacement. The next scenes with ULT depict some of his fighting styles, stealth and gun usage.

    We also get a few "old" villain cameos: Doc Ock, Rhino, Electro and Sandman

    The first villain ULT goes after is Electro, with a "Don't move sparky..." as some encouragement. Electro gets zapped and beaten up. In the process of beating up Electro, Egghead appears. Egghead mentions that ULT is either messing with the Young Master's mandate or making it easier for them to succeed. He can't decide which.

    Side battles continue but ULT takes care of Egghead with an acrobatic flip and nullifying shot in the head/chest.

    From Old Villains to Young Masters

    vs Radioactive Kid
    vs Radioactive Kid

    ULT then runs jumps down to assist the Young Masters' Black Knight, shooting at a wave of sand. He says to Black Knight, "What a mess huh...? Sandman can't hold his mud..." Black Knight is not amused by ULT, and knocks him back with the flat end of an ebony blade, then flees. ULT is not out of the woods yet though, from the top of a building Radioactive Kid jumps down... and uses his power to burn his face and make him a lot less pretty. This is a defining moment for ULT. To this point, it would have appeared that he was all about "looking good".

    ULT is forever scarred, but he is not out. He uses one of his guns, and while Radioactive Kid is looking away, shoots him in the chest. Just then, Miss America flys through, taking out the other threat to ULT, the Executioner. Both the de-powered Radioactive Kid and emasculated Executioner try to figure out what hit them.

    Sleeping with the Enemy

    Wounded and scarred, was it time to sit at home and sulk? NO! Time to go to the clubs! Pacha in NYC to be exact. Here, bandaged from his run in with the Radioactive Kid, he runs into Black Knight. From the texts he shares with Miss America, he is there specifically to find Black Knight. He may have some kind of super-power after all, the ability to text and have normal conversations at the same time. Either way, ULT and Black Knight dance the night away.

    After leaving the club, they do a bit more than dance. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves. Well except for poor Miss America, who on a side mission was exiled to the Sixth Dimension by kid Loki where she had to battle Tiboro. We see her struggles in between the irresponsible teen scenes.

    The morning after, ULT is still in the arms of the enemy, even in the Young Master's home base. No other team mate made it back that night, so he was safe. They go on to talk about the Danny Dubois, ULT immediately makes commentary on the name Danny chose (Executioner) - at which time Black Knight says, "Instead of what you named yourself after?" She then makes it clear, regardless what happened between them, they are still on opposite sides of the fence.

    Red Skull Conspiracy Unveiled!

    Then the issue took a turn - we finally discover the meaning behind all the Red Skull flashbacks. Unfortunately, in the end, it was all about the characters and the readers realizing that "good" and "evil" walk a fine and blurry line. After all the Nazi flashbacks, and all the work the Black Knight did for her side, she decided it just wasn't worth it anymore. She quits and we do not see her for the remainder of the series. She does leave ULT with a parting gift though - access to the Young Master's next target.

    Out of the Bedroom, Into the Fire

    Meanwhile, in the Sixth Dimension, Miss A continues to battle Tiboro, and is eventually aided by Hellstrom and She-Hulk. They go on to defeat Tiboro and arrive later in the series for the final battle.

    ULT takes the information he was gifted by Black Knight, heads back to meet up with the rest of the Teen Brigade. Upon his arrival, Angel gives him a hard time about sleeping with the enemy, even though he was able to obtain valuable information - the next target, and our teen hero's next and final destination (for the series): Latveria! At that same time, the Teen Brigade is joined by the man who had been feeding them information all along, their "Deep Throat": Agent Jack Truman.

    Standoff in Latveria!

    In the final issue of the Vengeance mini-series, the team(s) are in Latveria. All the plot threads lead here. This is the showdown, the standoff in Latveria! ULT and Agent Truman sneak on the scene, where a large party is being thrown. Angent Truman comments on how easy it was to sneak in. As soon as they get close, everything goes south. The Young Masters have arrived wit ha BOOM! They react quickly, and Agent Truman thinks to himself, "This Kid--Ultimate Nullifier--Has definitely got a pair..."

    ULT eventually makes it up to a balcony where Kristoff Vernard surveys the chaos, and just as the Executioner has Vernard in his sites, ULT interrupts, pointing one of his fancy guns directly at his head. ULT also gets to cut off Executioner's triumphant speech, "Are you kidding me? Man I am War--", with, "Now there's a catchphrase--" "--But you may wanna re-think it." "Drop the firearm. There'll be no execution happening today..." Vernard wants nothing to do with this brand of lunacy -- stating that it is his "father's legacy--".

    In-Betweener Arrives in Latveria

    Suddenly, the In-Betweener appears, vulnerable and waiting. The Executioner changes his target -- the boy is now in his sites. Just at that moment, ULT screams, "You guys have no idea, do you? This party's about to get..." "...HOT". A flood of Braak'nhud decend on the castle, covering everything, in search of their ultimate target -- the boy.

    As things increasingly, "get biblical", everyone has turned to fending off the Braak'nhud. Those who aren't fighting the hoard, are still fighting against eachother. Every inch of Latveria is covered in evil. Finally, the Radioactive kid is taken care of, but problems still arise - the Braak'nhud continue to come. ULT proclaims, "It's a dead heat up in here! No way to get ahead of these things--!" When suddenly from the sky... "What the hell is that...?!"

    Backup Arrives, on a Chariot of Fire!

    Just in from the Sixth Dimension, Hellstrom, She-Hulk and Miss America! They make short work of the Executioner. Just in time too, because he decided his next target should be the In-Betweener... at which time ULT steps in, kicks him over (again) and says, "Remember these heaters? Remember what they do? As Ultimate Nullifier, I'm wondering what'll happen if I unload these things into you..." Executioner replies, "Big Talk. Only one way to find out--"

    That is when the In-Betweener steps in, "No--" "--Do not be distracted by side issues!" "This is how the real decay sets in!" "You cannot solve anything walking this path, you must know that." "You can train your guns on every evil you find... but you cannot destroy it..." "Good and evil. " "They need each other to survive."

    All this talk, combined with everyone just spinning their heels trying to fight back the surrounding evil push ULT to the limit. He goes on a soapbox, stating, "I've got a lotta righteous rage in me. Comes with being seventeen right?" "I've always needed a place to put that stuff. A target to aim at. And I don't believe in the single bullet theory--" As he raises both guns, takes aim and fires upon on the In-Betweener, "--Do you?!"

    Balanced Finale

    Both projectiles hit the In-Betweener, one on either side of his chest -- one just in side the black, the other just inside the white. Everything is blown back. But eventually balance is achieved. Now, this doesn't happen immediately, much black and white twisting and turning, as time and space melt together.

    Through all the chaos and order, ULT texts, "Anyone else feelin' the end of the world?"

    Then, it is over. As quickly as it started and as fast as it got out of control. The "good guys" and "bad guys" went their separate ways. No one was really worse for wear, well at least on the "good guys" side. There was only one survivor from the Young Masters: Egghead -- and he was rewarded in his own way...

    As the team(s) fly home, Agent Truman talks with ULT. In the end, ULT tells him, "Listen, call me old fashioned, but I'll take tradition over glory any day. I don't need anyone to think I'm cool..." "... I am cool." -- it is this that sums ULT up in a nutshell. He is confident and doesn't need the limelight. He may need the club lights, but that is for something else entirely.

    Now on the last page, we see the In-Betweener sharply awaken ULT from a dream. To the untrained eye, it may have seemed like the entire story was a dream, but to those who know that ULT just doesn't look as pretty as he used to, we know it all happened. Every bit of it. ULT takes us out with a bit of texting with Miss America, as he wakes up next to yet another "companion"... His last texts to Miss A reaffirm his stance all along, "We're the Teen Brigade" "We always get the last laugh."

    Then, he turns to the reader and says, "'Nuff said...? Don't Bet on it." Once again breaking the fourth way... (as I suspect was the intention of the "Forbush" comment).


    Ultimate Nullifier doesn't appear to have any super powers.


    No Caption Provided

    He has two guns which he can use to temporarily nullify an opponents powers. It is not clear whether or not these guns actually fire projectiles (as seen at various points throughout the Vengeance series and most notably, to take out the In-Betweener), or if what is emitted from the gun changes based on what is most effective to neutralize the target. One thing is clear, he is a crack-shot.


    He appears to be very skilled with the manipulation of these weapons, as well as hand-to-hand combat. He demonstrates above average agility, flexibility and endurance.


    He comes off as extremely charming, whether he looks good or not. He may have a way with words, or women his age have a hard time resisting him. Either way, he is portrayed as promiscuous throughout the Vengeance mini-series, finding most of his "companions" in a dance club.


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