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    Ultimate Nightmare was the first part of the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy but was not originally planned to be so. In the original plan, Ultimate Nightmare, written by Warren Ellis, was intended to be more of a prologue to an Ultimate Universe-wide event written by Mark Millar. However, health issues motivated Millar to bow out of the project, leaving Ellis to handle the entire event. Joe Quesada had an idea to change its format, and Ultimate Nightmare instead became the first of a trilogy of limited series.

    The series had a scifi horror tone reminiscent of the film Aliens as a collection of heroes search through an old Soviet underground bunker populated by nightmarish science experiments. Ultimate Nightmare was notable for introducing the Ultimate versions of several characters including Falcon, Vision, Red Guardian, Unicorn and Crimson Dynamo.

    Plot Summary

    A paranormal broadcast full of apocalyptic images and warnings torments the Earth, emanating from an old Soviet installation in Tunguska. Independently, the Ultimates and the X-Men dispatch teams to investigate and descend into the sealed bunker full of people who have been horrifically experimented on with cannibalized alien technology. The source of the broadcast and the alien technology turn out to be the same. It is an android called Vision that crash landed a hundred years ago to warn Earth of its coming apocalypse in the form of an entity called Gah Lak Tus.

    Collected Editions

    Non-U.S. Collected Editions

    Translated into Spanish.


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