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THE NEW ULTIMATES are here -- and just in time to take on LOKI and the hordes of ASGARD. But when Amora the Enchantress goes to work on the team, who will betray them? And what terrifying pact will Thor make with Hela to be reborn? All this and the superstar team of Jeph Loeb and Frank Cho (who is doing the work of his career!).



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I've never been a fan of any of the New Ultimates until about 2 months ago when I picked up my first issue. I always figured that I have enough trouble keeping the regular Marvel universe straight in my head so getting into the New Ultimate universe would just be too much- then I watched a video review of and Issue here on the vine and there were showing some of the interior art  in the issue and "BANG" I was hooked. So onto the review.  The Good- Needless to say every issue I've seen so far has...

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Review: Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #2 0

Loki brought the the party  from Asguard to Earth in this New Ultimates series as the Ultimates reformed to battle Loki's army. With Thor gone, and many other heroes because of the recent Ultimatum series, can this new group of Ultimates defeat the Loki army and work together as a team?  The Good Best part about this book is the work of Frank Cho. It's curvy and sexy and I love how this guy sets up action. His two-page splash page with Ka-zar and Shanna is amazingly detailed and it really p...

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"Thor Reborn" part 2. Another great issue by Jeph Loeb and Frank Cho. Jeph Loeb writes a good Ultimates team here, but i'm most impressed by Frank Cho's art. It's He draws these characters so well. He adds his own special touch to these hero's. I'm loving this series mostly because of his art. But enough praise for Frank Cho. This issue starts out with Captain America and Valkyrie having a heated arguement. This Ultimate version of Cap def has more attitude this his 616 counterpart. ...

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