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The Ultimate Federalist Freedom Fighters is a team comprised of four superhumans who received powers after exposure to radiation while on a mission as Russian cosmonauts. They exist in universe number 717, and are that universe's equivalent to the Fantastic Four. However, they manifested different powers than their 616 counterparts. The team roster consisted of:

Rudion Richards, who had the power to project parts of his body through time and space

Piotr Rasputin, who, as in the 616 universe, could transform his body into a living metal

Iliana Rasputin, who had the chameleon-like ability to blend in to any background

Natasha Romanoff, who could turn her body into electromagnetic energy, as well as control other sources of the same energy

The team completed several successful mission under the command of Russian Premier Josef Stalin and Lieutenant von Doom until they were sent to Cuba to protect the country from US influence. There, they were confronted by the Avengers and eventually retreated from the battle back to Russia. After recognizing the corruption of the Russian government, the UFFF overthrew the Premier and took over rule of the country.


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