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    President Thor: A guilt-ridden Reed Richards attempts to undo his greatest failure by using time travel to fix the snag that caused the teleportation accident which resulted in Ben Grimm's becoming the Thing. If it works, Ben will be Ben and the Thing will never have existed. And neither will the F.F. Be careful what you wish for.

    As the Fantastic Four find themselves adrift in a world they never imagined-a world where the Ultimates' Thor commands the free world-they come face-to-face with what may prove to be their greatest threat-Ultimate Super Skrull! But in this strange world-will Super Skrull prove to be friend or foe...?

    Get the body bags ready—because somebody doesn’t make it home! The secret of the Super-Skrull is revealed as we find out what’s really been behind Thor’s ascendancy to the White House! Meanwhile, it looks like Ben Grimm’s last stand, as he tries to save mankind from an alien menace! And on an Earth where all six billion people have a super power—with the exception of poor Ben—is that a curse or a blessing?

    Frightful: The awesome return of Dr. Doom! The zombiefied F.F. escape from their Baxter Building prison! The deadly debut of the Frightful Four! Johnny Storm finds out he has only 28 days to live! And that's all just for starters...

    It's the battle for the Baxter Building as Frightful Four break free and wreak havoc! Meanwhile, an alien object Johnny brought back from the N-Zone begins to grow...and will soon consume every living thing on Earth. Only man on Earth can stop it-Doctor Doom!

    Victor Von Doom is now leader of the Fantastic Four!!!! Sorta... In order to save Johnny from the Alien organism inside him, Doom forces Reed to switch bodies with him. Meanwhile back in New York, the Zombie FF have escaped from their cell and are building a teleporter to bring the rest of their Zombie friends to the Ultimate Universe.

    Reprints Ultimate Fantastic Four #27-32.


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