Ultimate Fantastic Four #42

    Ultimate Fantastic Four » Ultimate Fantastic Four #42 - Silver Surfer: Part 1 released by Marvel on July 1, 2007.

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    Reed Richards’ attempts to create a Cosmic Cube have caused him to pierce the barriers of a hundred universes. And falling through the opening into our unsuspecting reality is the keeper of the Power Cosmic—Ultimate Silver Surfer! ’Nuff said!

    After returning for a time traveling adventure, the Fantastic Four and the friends they had gone to save are being kept in quarantine for examination. Reed’s parents aren’t happy about this because one of the people now in quarantine was their daughter Enid. One of the doctors at the Baxter Building tries to calm them down but is over his head, so Reed bails him out. He explains to his parents that Enid was exposed to a strange energy and they had to keep her (and everyone else) separated from the outside world while they checked if she still had the energy inside her. Mr. Richards starts to yell and blame his son for what happened so Reed just walks away, obviously upset. The Invisible Woman sees him in the hall and tries to cheer him up, but he just wants to be alone and get to work. She eventually gets through to him and he lets her follow him to his lab where he’s still working on the cosmic cube. She asks why he’s not finished with it yet and he explains that it works, just not right. It needs a bigger power source, and to that end, he’s built a machine in order to “bottle a star.”

    Elsewhere in the building, Enid is being treated by another doctor but is being uncooperative and refusing to let him sample her blood anymore. Nearby, The Thing, his mother, and some military men are playing cards and Mrs. Grimm is cleaning house. After getting beaten, one of the men asks Thing if his mom is seeing anyone.

    Back in Reed’s lab, he lets Sue pick a star for him to take energy from. She picks one at random and Reed powers up the machine. It lights up and then starts to act strangely before exploding in a flash of light.

    In another room, Johnny Storm is making out with his girlfriend but that ends when he kills the mood by shutting her down when she tries to talk about his feelings.

    In China, scientists at a star observatory notice strange happenings in the night sky. Half the stars in the sky are dark, and something is casting a shadow over the moon.

    At the Baxter Building, Reed has figured out what went wrong. Whatever it was that he had aimed his machine at, it wasn’t a star.

    At a monitoring station in the Pacific Rim, workers detect a strange reading in New York but think that it won’t affect them. They’re proven wrong as an enormous tidal wave falls upon the station and the nearby city.

    Fire falls from the sky in London, ash and smoke fill the air in Sydney, and lightning rains down over Kinshasa. The whole world is affected.

    In New York, a storm appears out of nowhere and lightning stabs down from the sky. Thing notices that their building is taking more lightning that anywhere else right as the windows shatter and everyone is forced inside.

    Reed and Sue are still in the lab and Sue is asking how the thing could not have been a star. Reed doesn’t explain what it is, just what is happening. The machine was built to pull power from a stars core, but the “star” had no gravity well, so instead of just pulling fusion power from it, the machine is pulling the entire “star” towards the building from hundreds of universes away.

    Right as he finishes explaining this, a small beam of light smacks into the building and lodges itself in the wall. The light fades and all that’s left in a metal object stuck in the wall. Reed touches it and says that it must have energy on a stellar scale if the machine thought it was a star. While Reed works on his computer, Sue takes a look at the object and says that it looks like a surfboard. Reed blows her off and tells her what he’s found on his computer. He says that the energy signature of the “surfboard” isn’t off the scale, so that means that wasn’t what the machine hooked. It was something else, but it hasn’t arrived yet.



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