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Get the body bags ready—because somebody doesn’t make it home! The secret of the Super-Skrull is revealed as we find out what’s really been behind Thor’s ascendancy to the White House! Meanwhile, it looks like Ben Grimm’s last stand, as he tries to save mankind from an alien menace! And on an Earth where all six billion people have a super power—with the exception of poor Ben—is that a curse or a blessing?


The Invisible Woman has just been killed by the Super-Skrull. As Johnny and Reed stand over her body crying, the Super-Skrull says, "What are you waiting for? Is nobody going to avenge Sue's death?" Reed attempts this job, attacking the Super-Skrull. He manages to tie him up for a few seconds, and Reed tells Johnny to go supernova and kill the Super-Skrull. Even though he does go supernova (killing Reed in the process), the Super Skrull is unharmed, and crushes Johnny's skull.

Meanwhile, out on the street, people are dropping dead by the second. Ben looks up into the sky to see a fleet of alien ships flying down. The Super-Skrull appears in front of him and asks him why he didn't take one of the Skrulls's miracle pills that grants superpowers. After asking that, he starts counting down the number of people left on Earth. Eventually he gets to one person, and that person is Ben Grimm. Ben starts to laugh, since without any superhumans to power the Super-Skrull's suit, he is extremely weak.Ben KO's the Super-Skrull, then puts on his suit and travels to the Baxter Building, hoping to time travel so that he can stop them contacting the Skrulls in the first place. After a few jumps, he ends up in the right place, and smashes the teleportation equipment. The Thing from the future attacks him, but Ben convinces him that he needs to do it, since otherwise the human race will die. As the Argiopes approach to kill Ben since he touched the Thing, he manages to make one last jump to South America, five hundred years ago.

Back in the normal Ultimate Universe, the zombie Fantastic Four tell the Fantastic Four that they'll break out in exactly one week. Whilst in the park, feeling miserable, Ben meets the Ultimate version of Alicia Masters.



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